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GAO Releases Report on Medicaid Funding in Assisted Living

February 22, 2018

Background On Feb. 5, the GAO released a report entitled “Medicaid Assisted Living Services: Improved Federal Oversight of Beneficiary Health and Welfare Is Needed.” The report comes in response to…


How Medicaid Reimbursement Can Pay Off For Providers

October 29, 2012

Medicaid reimbursement for assisted living is an option for seniors in 44 states. Learn how these programs work and why they benefit providers across the industry in an article written…


New Tools Curb Medicare Fraud, But Problems Persist

April 1, 2014

Despite some improvement and fraud-fighting tools used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the country is still losing as much as $90 billion annually to Medicare fraud,…


Senior Medicare Patrol Helps Recoup $9M in Medicare, Medicaid Recoveries

June 25, 2014

A program that recruits and trains retired professionals and other older Americans to recognize and report instances or patterns of health care fraud helped bring in more than $9 million…

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CMS: ACOs Saved More Than $1B Since 2012

September 1, 2016

Accountable care organizations, or ACOs, have saved more than $1.29 billion since 2012, according to a statement from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


HHS Office of Inspector General Report Identifies Vulnerabilities in Medicare Hospice Program

August 20, 2018

As part of OIG’s ongoing efforts to fight waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare, Medicaid, and more than 100 other HHS programs, it recently released a report identifying vulnerabilities to…


Federal Financing for Medicaid Dries Up

June 21, 2011

The 90 billion dollars in federal financing, included in 2009’s economic recovery package as aid for Medicaid programs, is about to run out at the end of the month, leaving…

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End of Life Costs Bankrupt Seniors, Study Finds

September 26, 2012

A new study finds that the high cost of out of pocket medical expenses at the end of life is a significant financial burden for older adults and their families.…


Study: Most Medicare Beneficiaries Have Two or More Impairments

November 1, 2016

A new study seeks to describe the characteristics and health spending of Medicare beneficiaries with physical and cognitive impairments, or PCI, and estimate their likelihood of becoming a Medicaid beneficiary.


Senate Committee Floats Idea of New Medicare Code for Alzheimer’s Planning

November 1, 2016

Senate Finance Committee staff have issued a draft of legislation to address chronic care issues, which includes asking for a report to Congress to inform the development of a Medicare…


Hospice Organizations Invited to Try New Medicare Model

April 8, 2014

Medicare soon will reimburse hospices offering palliative care and providers offering curative services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid recently announced. Under the current system, a beneficiary must stop curative…


Program Simplifies Medicaid Billing Process

October 16, 2012

Pathway Senior Living and Yardi Systems created a program that automates the once complicated Medicaid billing process. The Best of the Best winning Medicaid Billing Solution increased accuracy and decreased…

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