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Fall 2017 Silver PAC Newsletter

Argentum hosted its annual Public Policy Institute and Fly-in on September 12-13 in Washington, D.C. On September 12, Argentum members heard from speakers from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Coalition to Transform Advanced Care, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Soapbox Consulting, and FOX News. On September 13, Argentum members went to Capitol Hill where they met with Senators and staff from 40 different offices representing 20 states to discuss the importance of preventing elder abuse, supporting innovations in the senior living industry, and reviewing the various levels of care they provide for their residents.

Spring 2017 Silver PAC Newsletter

The Silver PAC fundraising campaign kicked off at the annual Argentum Conference and Expo in Nashville this May. Silver PAC has an ambitious goal of raising $400,000 which will be used to continue building relationships on Capitol Hill, support legislators that champion the senior living industry and to support the PACs of Argentum State Partners.




Winter 2017 Silver PAC Newsletter

Last year’s campaign was a rousing success—Silver PAC raised $369,875 against a goal of $350,000. Building on that success, the goal for 2017 is to raise $400,000. The fundraising campaign will formally begin at the Argentum Conference this May in Nashville.




Fall 2016 Silver PAC Newsletter

Argentum’s Silver PAC has had its best year of fundraising to date, breaking the record it set in 2015 when it raised $318,289. With a few weeks remaining in the year, Silver PAC has raised $367,287 in the door from a record 598 donors. Silver PAC would like to extend a big thank you to the campaign organizers that helped make 2016 so successful.




Summer 2016 Silver PAC Newsletter

In 2015 Silver PAC set a record raising over $318,000, a dramatic increase over the $253,000 it raised in 2014. The increase in funding has allowed Argentum’s Public Policy team to be connect with supportive lawmakers and attend a record 35 PAC events to date. Attending intimate events with key legislators has helped Argentum and Silver PAC rebrand on Capitol Hill and educate lawmakers on our issues and discuss our philosophy of resident-centered care while helping champions of the senior living industry stay in office in what is sure to be a tumultuous election cycle.




Spring 2016 Silver PAC Newsletter

The 2016 Argentum Silver PAC campaign officially kicked off on May 9th with the annual Silver PAC Golf Classic. Silver PAC has set an ambitious goal of raising $350,000 this year and will need its members to step up and run their own campaigns for Silver PAC. The money raised by Silver PAC will go directly to advocating on behalf of the senior living industry by supporting champions of the industry on Capitol Hill and contributing to State Partner PACs so they can continue to build relationships at the local level.




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