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Emergency Rule Filed by Department of Elder Affairs at Direction of Florida Governor Rick Scott

September 18, 2017

Also included: Differences in Aggression Among People With Dementia Highlighted by New Study, Argentum Members Meet with Federal Legislators, Staff During Capitol Hill Fly-In, Downs Rachlin Labor Vet Tapped for NLRB General Counsel, Battling Asthma Gets Harder With Age, Prognosis Communication May Be Helpful to Older Adults With Disabilities, AI Spots Alzheimer’s Brain Changes Years Before Symptoms Emerge, IBM Gives UC…

Newsletter Archive

New Medicare Cards Are Coming Soon

September 15, 2017

Also included: Generational Shifts, Retention Top of Mind at 2017 Argentum Workforce Development Symposium, Nursing Community Deaths in Florida Heighten Scrutiny of Disaster Planning in Healthcare Settings, Alcohol Abuse Is Rising Among Older Adults, Longer-Lasting Shingles Vaccine Unanimously Approved by FDA Advisory Panel, Study Finds That Too Many Seniors With Diabetes May Be Overtreated, Startup Is Transforming Alzheimer’s Care One…

Newsletter Archive

In Wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, Senate Aging Committee to Examine Disaster Planning for Older Americans

September 14, 2017

Also included: Join Us at the Argentum Trustee Circle Fiesta en Mexico, Caregiver Fatigue May Increase Healthcare Costs, Video: Active Shooter Armed Intruder Response and Training for Senior Living Communities, Identity Theft Protection Following the Equifax Data Breach, Census Shows Uninsured Rate at Record Low, Senate Backpedals on Bipartisan Approach to Health Law

Newsletter Archive

The Journey of Geriatric Emergency Medicine: Acceleration, Diffusion, and Collaboration as Keys to Continued Growth

September 13, 2017

Also included: Senior Living Advocates Convene in Washington, D.C. for 2017 Argentum Public Policy Institute, Seniors Still Make Up the Bulk of Flu Cases, Hospitalizations, CDC Finds, Hospice Care Is Short and May Start Later Than Needed, Yale-Led Study Finds, Persistent Medication Use Decreases Fracture Risk in Osteoporosis, An Alzheimer’s Diagnosis — Before Any Symptoms,…

Newsletter Archive

Product Designers to Shift Emphasis to Older Adults

September 12, 2017

Also included: Calling Speakers, Volunteers & Thought Leaders: Engage with Argentum and Elevate the Senior Living Industry, AGS Endorses the Geriatrics Workforce and Caregiver Enhancement Act, Seniors Travel Through Virtual Reality, Another Study Ties Sitting to Mortality Risk, Individuals With Developmental Disabilities Experience Healthcare Disparities, Respite Park for People With Dementia to Open in New York

Newsletter Archive

Special Risks for Older Adults in Florida Highlighted by Irma

September 11, 2017

Also included: Register Through Nov. 1 for the Certified Director of Assisted Living Exam Fall Testing Period, Solving Workforce Challenges in Senior Living, Many Older Adults Can’t Afford Dental Care, New Survey Finds, Study Identifies Factors that May Speed or Slow Frailty in Older Men, A Family With a High Rate of Alzheimer’s Disease May Harbor a Powerful New Gene, Innovation…

Newsletter Archive

Florida Argentum: Preparation Key to Weathering Hurricane Irma

September 8, 2017

Also included: Find Your Next Leader at Argentum’s Senior Living Career Center, New York’s Highest Court Rejects Pro-Aid in Dying Arguments, Stay Informed with Willis Towers Watson Hurricane Preparedness Resources, Asthma in Older, Adults Is Often Misdiagnosed and Undertreated, Hurricane Irma: Caring for Individuals With Alzheimer’s, Functional MRI Shows Cognitive Rehab Aiding Mildly Impaired Senior…

Newsletter Archive

How Do We Stop the Senior Suicides?

September 7, 2017

Also included: Join Us at the Argentum Trustee Circle Fiesta en Mexico, Gov. Scott Issues Updates on Hurricane Irma Preparedness, ‘Meds-to-Beds’ Programs Aim to Prevent Re-Hospitalization, Older Adults Who Are Frail More Likely to Have Negative Outcomes After Trauma, Senate Spending Panel Approves $2 Billion Raise for NIH in 2018, With Expanded Space, Alzheimer’s Foundation Broadens Its Scope

Newsletter Archive

Is Dementia Declining Among Older Americans?

September 6, 2017

Also included: Register Through Nov. 1 for the Certified Director of Assisted Living Exam Fall Testing Period, Argentum to Match Up to $50,000 in Support of Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts, Cognitive Test Could Predict Insulin Injection Success for Older Adults, Dietary Supplement May Help Older Adults to Keep Warm, Startup That Sells a ‘Smart Wristband’…

Newsletter Archive

Argentum to Match Up To $50,000 in Support of Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

September 5, 2017

Also included: Attend the 14th Annual Senior Living Risk Symposium in October, Harvey Highlights Plight of Older Adults During Natural Disasters, Prevent Illness and Injury After a Disaster, Geriatric Experts Say Key to Happiness for Older Adults Is to ‘Accept New Reality’, Mayo Clinic Researchers Review the Clinical Potential of Senolytic Drugs on Aging, Will Experimental Blood Test Be a Game-Changer…

Newsletter Archive

Supporting Communities Affected by Hurricane Harvey with State Partner TALA

September 1, 2017

Also included: Join Us at the Argentum Trustee Circle Fiesta en Mexico, Obama DOL’s Overtime Rule Struck Down, OMB Drops Requirement for Big Companies to Report More Pay Data, More Companies Are Supporting Parental Leave, Opportunity to Try Immunotherapy Postponing End-of-Life Conversations for People With Cancer, HUD Announces New Reverse Mortgage Rules

Newsletter Archive

Balancing Mobility and Fear of Falls in Older Adults

August 31, 2017

Also included: Doctor on Demand, MDLIVE Offer Free Video Visits to Victims of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Harvey Scams: Callers Lie About Flood Insurance, The Role of Healthcare Professionals in Protecting Older Adults Against Influenza, Finger Rub Test Outperforms Other Hearing Loss Exams, Study of Lung Function Sheds Light on Ventilator-Induced Lung Injuries in Older Adults

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