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Census: U.S. Is Aging, Growing More Racially Diverse

June 23, 2017

Also included: Argentum Reviewing Senate Healthcare Draft Legislation, New Tablet Designed Exclusively for Seniors, NAS Report: Promising but Inconclusive Evidence on Interventions to Prevent Cognitive Decline, Dementia, Hot Weather Tips for Someone with Alzheimer’s, Winners and Losers From the Senate Repeal Bill Cost of Hospital-Based End-of-Life Care High for Seniors With Brain Tumors, Binge TV…

Newsletter Archive

Flu Vaccine Ineffective for People 65 and Older Last Winter

June 22, 2017

Also included: Read The Resident Issue of Senior Living Executive Magazine, Drug Shows Promise Against Vision-Robbing Disease in Older Adults, UW-Madison Spinoff Bundles Nutrition and Companionship for Seniors, Rheumatoid Arthritis: Regular Fish Intake May Ease Symptoms, Robots Offer Older Adults a Helping Hand, How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prevents Brain Plaques and Preserves Memory

Newsletter Archive

HUD Issues Report on Overcoming Obstacles to Policies for Preventing Falls by Older Adults

June 21, 2017

Also included: Annual Largest Senior Living Providers Survey Underway, Lungs of Highly Active Older Adults Remain Strong During Physical Activity, Maria Shriver Creates Coloring Book for People With Alzheimer’s, Visual Test May Flag Dementia Risk for Those With Parkinson’s, New Report Details Opioid Abuse and Hospitalization Rates Among Seniors, 32 Percent of Baby Boomers Have No Emergency Savings

Newsletter Archive

Argentum Closely Watching White House Intent to Nominate Key Positions

June 20, 2017

Also included: Registration is Open for the 2017 Argentum Public Policy Institute & Fly-In, Seattle Investment Group Agrees to Buy Hawthorne Retirement Group, How to Engage Your Employees to Improve Your Bottom Line, Survey Shows Health and Safety Policies for Therapy Animal Visits Vary Widely, Ketamine Not Effective Against Postoperative Delirium, Pain in Older Adults, York…

Newsletter Archive

Cleveland Clinic to Build Precision Medicine Research Program Focused on Dementia

June 19, 2017

Also included: How Managers Drive Results and Employee Engagement at the Same Time, The Importance of Recognizing Delirium in Older, Hospitalized Persons, Herniated Disc Surgery Works for Seniors, Mental Illness Increases Risk for Discharge Against Medical Advice, Virginia Symphony Orchestra Engages People With Dementia in Music Making

Newsletter Archive

Who Will Be There When Boomers Need Senior Care?

June 16, 2017

Also included: Submit Your 2017 Argentum Senior Living by Design Award Nomination, QMAP Program Changes Effective July 1, Seniors Lend Expertise on Aging-Related Products, Screening Bone CT Helps Avoid Osteoporosis Fractures, Use Patient-Centered Approaches to Discuss Cancer Screening Cessation, How One Gymnastics Organization Uses Movement and Music to Help People With Dementia Regain Independence

Newsletter Archive

Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: WHO Releases New Study

June 15, 2017

Also included: American Job Seekers Care About This Issue Just as Much as Money, Some Seniors Just Want to Be Left Alone, Which Can Lead to Problems, Smog Linked to Bleeding Stomach Ulcers in Seniors, Atria Senior Living Receives the 2017 Elevate Award, CMS Releases New Report on State Health Spending

Newsletter Archive

Alzheimer’s Begins Long Before Symptoms of Memory Loss Appear, Study Suggests

June 14, 2017

Also included: DOL Issues New Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Rescind Persuader Rule, Aspirin Linked to Higher Risk of Serious Bleeding in Seniors, Tight Glycemic Control Plus Overmedication May Increase Hospitalizations in Older Diabetic Adults, Meet the ‘Robo-Cats’ Helping People With Dementia, New Analysis of GOP Health-Care Bill Says 13 Million More Would Become Uninsured, Fewer Than CBO Estimate

Newsletter Archive

Older Adults Are Good Samaritans to Strangers

June 13, 2017

Also included: Older Adults Drive Mobile News Growth, The Latest Office Perk: Help Managing Your Financial Life, Excess Weight May Reduce Early Death Risk for Older Adults With Diabetes, Using Virtual Reality — and Mom’s Sewing Machine — for Stroke Rehab, Study: Western Diet May Drastically Increase Risk of Alzheimer’s

Newsletter Archive

Tech Revolution Benefits Aging Adults

June 12, 2017

Also included: Argentum Participates in Active & Healthy Seniors Campaign, Experts Call for Maintenance of SCSEP, 4 Tips on Getting Ahead of Employee Burnout, Smell Test May Sniff Out Oncoming Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, National Alzheimer’s Month Spotlights Caregiver Fatigue, Resources

Newsletter Archive

Study: Even Moderate Drinking Might Be Bad for Aging Brains

June 9, 2017

Also included: A Lesser Known Advanced Directive: ‘Do-Not-Hospitalize’, Pet Dogs Could Help Older Owners Be More Active, Polypharmacy Increases Significantly During End of Life, House Lawmakers Ask How Medicare Can Make Complex Patients Better

Newsletter Archive

Argentum Supports DOL Action on Joint Employer Standard

June 8, 2017

Also included: CDC Says Healthcare-Acquired Legionnaires’ Disease Is Widespread and Deadly, Argentum Supports Efforts to Fill Vacancies on Labor Board, DOL Will Submit Request for Information on Overtime Rule, Adherence to Geriatric Assessment-Based Recommendations Probed, New Guidelines Provide Clinical and Physical Indicators to Detect Dementia With Lewy Bodies, Feds to Waive Penalties for Some Who Signed Up Late for Medicare

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