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Senate Confirms Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary

April 28, 2017

Also included: For Seniors, the Future of VR Lies in the Past, Take the Jumping Jack Challenge for National Osteoporosis Month, Treatment Improved Overall Survival in Older Patients With Early-Stage Esophageal Cancer, For Some Older Adults, Pre-Hospice Care Can Be a Good Alternative to Hospitals, A Quarter of Nursing Community Residents Are Colonized With Drug-Resistant…

Newsletter Archive

Global Coalition on Aging Releases Dementia Innovation Readiness Index

April 26, 2017

Also included: Iris Scans Can Improve Resident Safety, Lifestyle Program May Slow Cognitive Decline, Study Finds Combination of Aerobics and Resistance Exercises Drastically Improve Brain Health in Older Adults, New Data Reveals Senior Housing and Care Costs Not Spiraling Out of Control

Newsletter Archive

Alzheimer’s Association Creates Care-Planning Toolkit for Clinicians

April 25, 2017

Also included: Stop By Sherpa Café at Argentum17, Family Caregivers Help With Wider Range of Healthcare Tasks Than Previously Thought, Medicare Recipients Using Rehabilitation Services Report Major Functional Improvements, Predicting People’s ‘Brain Age’ Could Help to Spot Who Is at Risk of Early Death, Exercise ‘Keeps the Mind Sharp’ in Over-50s, Study Finds, New Research Shows That Plasma Protein Revitalizes…

Newsletter Archive

Opiod Use Soars Among Seniors and Middle Aged

April 24, 2017

Also included: Study Identifies Employee Engagement Trends, Is It Time for Hearing Aids to Be Sold Over the Counter?, Novartis Tests New Alzheimer’s Drug on People Who Don’t Have the Disease, How Boomers Are Adjusting to Prospects of a Frugal Retirement

Newsletter Archive

Virtual Reality Can Help Prevent Falls in Older Adults

April 21, 2017

Also included: Program Offers Alternatives to Antipsychotic Drugs, In Japan, a Self-Driving Technology Helps Seniors Hit the Brakes, Not the Gas, Beetroot Juice Before Exercise Helps Older Brains, Diet Sodas May Be Tied to Stroke, Dementia Risk, Beware of a New Scam Involving ‘Relatives’ and Gift

Newsletter Archive

How to Help People With Alzheimer’s Maintain a Good Quality of Life

April 20, 2017

Also included: Harness the Power of Observation with Derreck Kayongo at Argentum17, Health Benefits Still Top Draw For Many Employees, Experts Excited by Brain ‘Wonder-Drug’, ‘Boot Camp’ Teaches Caregivers How to Support People with Alzheimer’s, Retirees Show Success in Replacing Pre-Retirement Income

Newsletter Archive

High Tech Tool Helps People and Families Coping With Dementia

April 19, 2017

Also included: Register to Participate in a City Experience at Argentum17, GAO Report Cites Financial Benefits of Telehealth, Google’s Verily Unveils a Health Watch for Research, Osteoarthritis Linked to High-Fat Diet, Declaring War on Financial Abuse of Older People

Newsletter Archive

Why So Many Businesses Are Ineffective at Employee Development

April 18, 2017

Also included: VA Announces Internal Review of Caregiver Program, Empowering Seniors With COPD, Study Finds Aspirin Might Not Improve Peripheral Vascular Disease, Common Drugs, Uncommon Risks? Higher Rate of Serious Problems After Short-Term Steroid Use, New Study Shows That Antipsychotic Medications Can Be Reduced in Those with Dementia

Newsletter Archive

Male Family Caregivers: Breaking Stereotypes Spotlight

April 14, 2017

Also included: Art Fosters Meaningful Connections in Senior Living Communities, CMS Data Shows Racial, Ethnic, Gender Disparities in Medicare Advantage Care, CVD, Mortality Risk in Older Women Predicted by Tooth Loss and Periodontitis, Seniors’ Brain Changes Could Make Them Vulnerable to Scams, As Seniors Age, a Dilemma Over Housing

Newsletter Archive

Alzheimer’s Risk Factors Study Calls Out Obesity in Midlife

April 13, 2017

Also included: A Face-to-Face Request Is 34 Times More Successful Than an Email, Employers Struggle With Developing Company Culture, Marathons Can Be Dangerous for Seniors … Who Aren’t Even Running, Minnesota Seniors Find Vitality Through Improv Comedy, As Some Holdout States Revisit Medicaid Expansion, New Data Show It Pays Off

Newsletter Archive

Japan Automakers Look to Robots to Keep Seniors on the Move

April 12, 2017

Also included: The Danger of Being Too Good at Your Job, Should You Be Screened for Prostate Cancer? Talk to Your Doctor, New Guidelines Say, Green Spaces May Benefit Aging Brain, Vascular Risk Factors Like Smoking Increase Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease

Newsletter Archive

Medicare Urged to Look Harder at Value of Services Provided

April 11, 2017

Also included: More Companies Including Financial Wellness in Well-Being Programs, Tackling Weight Loss and Diabetes With Video Chats, Diabetes Is Even Deadlier Than We Thought, Study Suggests, Spinal Anesthesia Gaining Ground as Substitute for General Anesthesia in Older Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery

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