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Arrest Rate Among Older Adults in the United States Rises

July 24, 2017

Submit Your 2017 Argentum Senior Living by Design Awards Nomination, At This Retirement Community, People With Dementia Forgo Utensils, Clinical Trials for Cancer Could Use More Older Adults, Tai Chi May Help Prevent Falls in Older and At-Risk Adults, Babysitting Grandkids May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s, Research Shows How Physical Exercise Prevents Dementia

Newsletter Archive

High-Dose Flu Vaccine Leads to Lower Hospitalizations in Senior Community Residents: Study

July 21, 2017

Also included: Register Today for the 2017 Argentum Workforce Development Symposium, New Study Details the Importance of Caregiving Benefits, Falls, Syncope High in Older Community-Dwelling Adults, Study Finds, Study Highlights Communication Problems Between Home Healthcare Providers, Doctors, Study Says Healthy Lifestyle, Avoidance of Risky Behaviors Delay the Onset of Disability While Increasing Life Expectancy, Fraud and Billing Mistakes Cost Medicare…

Newsletter Archive

Nine Lifestyle Changes May Reduce Dementia Risk, Study Says

July 20, 2017

Also included: Build Relationships and Advocate for Senior Living at the Argentum Public Policy Institute & Fly-In, To Understand Whether Your Company Is Inclusive, Map How Your Employees Interact, Almost Half the U.S. Population Has Diabetes or Its Precursor: CDC, Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Often Mistaken, but New Blood Test May Improve Accuracy, CBO Says ACA Repeal…

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New Studies Focus on How the Perception of Aging Can Impact Health

July 19, 2017

Also included: Register Today for the 2017 Argentum Workforce Development Symposium, Scientists Develop New Supplement That Can Repair, Rejuvenate Muscles in Older Adults, Structured Activity Slightly Reduces Sedentary Time Among Seniors, Battling Dementia: A Mother and Son’s Incredible Journey, Dozens of Potential Alzheimer’s Meds in the Pipeline, CFPB’s Arbitration Rule in Republican Crosshairs

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GOP Senate Leader Abandons Healthcare Bill

July 18, 2017

Also included: Four Weeks Remain to Submit Your Senior Living by Design Awards Nomination, Florida Assisted Living Community Tries Virtual Reality to Help Residents with Dementia, Pneumococcal Vaccine Series Uptake Low Despite ACIP Recommendation, AAIC 2017 Continues, With More Research on Cognitive Decline, Researchers Link Two New Genes to Alzheimer’s Disease, States to Health Insurers: Please Come Back

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AAIC Highlights Latest Research on Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia

July 17, 2017

Attend the 14th Annual Willis Towers Watson Senior Living Risk Symposium, These Stairs Recycle Your Energy So They’re Easier to Climb, Yoga Keeps Brains of Older Women Young: Study, How the Better Care Reconciliation Act Jeopardizes Medicaid Home- and Community-Based Services, When It Comes to Healthcare, U.S. Once Again Ranks Last in Quality Care Compared to Other Wealthy Nations

Newsletter Archive

What Can Smart Home Tech Do for Retirees?

July 14, 2017

Also included: Physicians Express Unease Around Deprescribing Among Older Adults, Suggest Changes, Older Adults Experience Depression Differently, Expert Says, A Big Step? Trial Will Test Improvisational Dance as Dementia Therapy, Adults with ADHD May Face Higher Risk of Dementia, Medicare Will Remain Solvent Until 2029, Trustees Say

Newsletter Archive

Older Americans Carrying More Student Loan Debt

July 13, 2017

Also included: Shingles May Raise Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke, Says Study, Register for the Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE Conference this Fall, Method Determines Cell Age More Accurately, Could Help Older Adults, Why Older Adults Should Keep Taking the Tablets, House Proposes Major Alzheimer’s Research Funding Increase to Address Growing Alzheimer’s Crisis

Newsletter Archive

The Impact of Packaging on an Aging America

July 12, 2017

Also included: New Hawaii Law Allows Non-Medicaid Couples in the State to Live Together, Use of Osteoporosis Drug With Anti-Inflammatory Medication Linked to Lower Risk of Hip Fracture, Tau Blood Levels May Tell of Cognitive Decline, Skin Test Can Help Early Detection of Dementia, Fighting for LGBT Rights in Retirement Communities

Newsletter Archive

Seniors’ Well-Being May Depend More on Psychological Factors Than Physical Ones

July 11, 2017

Also included: Senate GOP Aiming for Health Care Vote Next Week, Nomination Hearing for Deputy Secretary of Labor and Members of the National Labor Relations Board, Hospitalized Older Adults May Need More Help Selecting Post-Acute Care, Natural Plant Compound May Reduce Mental Effects of Aging, More Evidence Shows CFPB Proposes Prohibiting Mandatory Arbitration Clauses that…

Newsletter Archive

Study: Insurance Pays Little for End-of-Life Caregiving

July 10, 2017

Also included: Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald is Named New CDC Director, Study Shows LGBT Seniors at Higher Risk of Disability and Disease, Illinois Expands EITC as Part of Long-Awaited Budget Deal, St. Bernard Finds Home as Companion in Assisted Living Community, Eating Citrus Fruits Could Keep Dementia Away, New Research Reveals

Newsletter Archive

Seniors Miss Out on Clinical Trials

July 7, 2017

Also included: Falls Can Lead to Declines in Older Adults, Serious Head Injuries Nearly Double Risk of Dementia, Seniors Helping Seniors With Fidget Quilts, Study Finds Some Drugstore Devices Work As Well As Prescription Hearing Aids, Women Caring for Family Members Experience Stigma at Work

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