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Cell Phone for Seniors Recalled

June 8, 2009

Samsung, manufacturer of Jitterbug cellphones, has issued a recall after regulators found the phones’ failure to connect to 911 in no-service areas. The FCC requires 911 connectivity even when out of service range for all cellphones.


Energizing Webinars

June 1, 2009

The EPA has partnered with ALFA and other organizations to launch a series of free Webinars that will provide energy-saving strategies. The first Webinar, “Energy Conservation: The Next Frontier for Senior Care Cost Savings,” takes place June 30 at 2:00 p


Streamlining Software Expenses

May 26, 2009

Tight economic times means vendors must shelf big technology packages and focus on products that cater to specific provider needs. Learn more and check out Assisted Living Executive’s annual round up of software for senior living operations.


Companies Should Innovate Like Google

May 26, 2009

Growth-focused companies should emulate the way Google manages its people and provides a stimulating work environment – because these and other strategies are key to it producing “a high volume of high-quality ideas,” according to Tom Davenport, business


Innovative Technologies for Resident Care

May 15, 2009

This panel of leading technology companies will provide their crystal ball view of the technologies that likely will have a high impact on the care and services provided to senior living residents over the next few years (emphasis will be on assisted livi


Case Study: Renovate or Rebuild?

April 20, 2009

When a brand-new community moves into town near an older residence, the older community may be tempted to renovate. Two senior living execs discuss when it’s a good time to renovate or to wait…


Putting Telehealth to the Test

April 6, 2009

ABC Senior Living’s vice president for resident clinical care is wowed by a telehealth demonstration. She begins to think of all the benefits such a system could bring residents and family members. But how does she make a sound recommendation to company l


Robot Helps Comfort Seniors With Dementia

October 7, 2008

Paro, a fur-covered robot that looks like a seal pup, has become a popular therapeutic toy for seniors with dementia—giving providers another way of addressing behavioral disturbances among assisted living residents with Alzheimer’s disease. The robot, wh


Technology & Accountability: Trends in Efficient Medication Management

June 1, 2008

Clinical experts will share some of the industry’s best practices in the critically important area of medication management. Plus, learn about specific technologies that can be employed to improve medication management efficiency, bolster accountability a


Measuring Your Business: Staying Connected to What’s Happening in Your Communities

May 15, 2007

Learn how new technology products help companies get the right information. Explore technology as a tool to make informed decisions, tailored to what is going on in a particular market and community.

Press Release

NBC Nightly News Features Hi-Tech Approach to Resident Care

July 25, 2006

ALEXANDRIA, VA—The “American Boomers” series on the NBC Nightly News last night featured an assisted living community that uses wireless technology to enhance resident safety and quality care, while also allowing family members to monitor their loved ones

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