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2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

Premier Sponsor Main Stage Sessions Argentum Opening Night at the Ballpark Workforce Series with Bruce Tulgan
Argentum Hero Awards Keynote Sessions Argentum Leadership Reception CEO Dinner
Mobile App Attendee Bag Lanyards CEO Lounge
Conference Registration Executive Roundtable Member Lunch Executive Director Leadership Institute Expo Café
Conference & Expo Lounge— New! Lobby DJ— New! Conference Wi-Fi Expo Lunch
Coffee Breaks Notepads & Pens— New! Breakfast Conference Printed Program
Expo Bar & Reception Co-Sponsorship Lunch & Learn Presentation— New!  Hotel Room Keys City Experiences
Water Stations

2018 Advertising Opportunities

Conference Preview Conference Program Onsite Branding & Messaging Senior Living Executive Magazine
Attendee Email Blast Mobile App Push Notification Social Media Tweet


74% of attendees
have a more positive opinion about a company/product being promoted after the event (source: EMI & Mosaic)

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Argentum has an unrivaled power to convene top CEOs, policymakers, and experts.
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2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

Premier Sponsor | $50,000

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Main Stage Sessions

These marquee sessions will feature leading experts providing insight, challenges, and successes from their respective fields of work and study. As Main Stage sessions, expected attendance will be 1,000+ attendees. Exclusive sponsorship of a Main Stage session would position your organization as a market leader and company to know. The sponsorship also includes welcoming remarks (up to two minutes) and the opportunity to introduce the speaker. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE NEW MAINSTAGE!

Argentum Opening Night at the Ballpark [SOLD]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!  Kick off your conference week by sponsoring the Argentum Opening Night Party. You’ll watch the San Diego Padres face off against the Colorado Rockies from a private venue with a few hundred customers and prospects, and some delicious ballpark eats and All-American beer!  Expected Attendance: 350+

Workforce Series with Bruce Tulgan

Tulgan, a leading expert on management and leadership, will address generational divide and common challenges in the workplace. This 3-session series on Monday will offer executives a chance to take a deep dive into workforce challenges with the industry. The sponsor will benefit from reaching a specific niche audience focused on its people and looking to make a difference in their workplace.

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Argentum Hero Awards [SOLD]

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General Sessions: Day One & Day Two | $32,000 [SOLD]

Increase brand awareness and message by putting your brand on the day’s top session. 

Argentum Leadership Reception (formerly Gold Member Reception) | $32,000 [SOLD]

Following the executive roundtable meetings, this reception brings together employees of the top member companies of senior living, providing you unique exposure and branding to the industry’s decision makers and influencers. The reception is open to Premier and Executive Member attendees.

CEO Dinner | $32,000 [SOLD]

This is the best opportunity to showcase your company and its message to the CEOs of Argentum Premier and Executive Member companies.
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Mobile App | $30,000 [SOLD]

The very popular mobile app has become the preferred guide to the Conference’s activities and events, as well as the top search tool for the Expo.

Executive Roundtable Member Lunch | $30,000 [SOLD]

This is a rare opportunity to break bread with the industry’s top executives before they go into the very popular executive roundtable meetings.
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Attendee Bag | $25,000 [SOLD]

These walking billboards are always eye-catching and have great shelf-life as attendees take them back to the office.

CEO Lounge | $25,000

This lounge serves as a meeting and hospitality space for CEOs of Argentum Premier and Executive Member companies.

Conference & Expo Lounge — New!  | $25,000

This large resting/working space is located at the entrance of the Expo and provides your organization the prime opportunity to provide attendees a spot to gather during Expo hours when they need a short break. Branding and sales materials can be displayed.

Conference Registration | $25,000

It’s the one place every attendee visits before the show so brand it with your logo, message, and call to action!

Executive Director Leadership Institute (EDLI) | co-sponsorship $12,500 each [1/2 SOLD]

This focused event provides you access and connections to 100+ executive directors advancing their knowledge and careers via an intense workshop over three days.

Expo Café | $25,000 [SOLD]

Take care of your customers’ and prospects’ needs for a break and a snack. Open during Expo hours, let’s discuss how to use the budget for this space and augment the attendee experience.

Lanyards | $25,000 [SOLD]

Hang your brand around attendees’ necks with this favorite conference giveaway.

Lobby DJ — New! | $17,500

The lobby DJ will spin tunes from after the first session break through the close of the day’s sessions. The DJ will also deliver your company’s 20-second commercial announcements.
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Conference Wi-Fi | $15,000

This sponsorship provides attendees the opportunity to access Wi-Fi throughout the convention center, throughout the week.

Expo Lunch (Tuesday & Wednesday) | $15,000

Sponsor what attendees love…lunch!

Coffee Breaks | $15,000

Brighten up the day while providing frequent networking opportunities for the industry. This includes breaks across all days.
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Notepads & Pens — New! | $11,500

Show management will produce over 1,000 notepads and pens to be distributed in the session rooms for attendees, who tend to use these and take them back to the office.

Breakfast | $10,000

The networking breakfast is a benefit for all attendees and includes coffee, tea, juice and a continental breakfast buffet.

Conference Printed Program | $10,000 [SOLD]

This printed, on-site guide is used all week by attendees and often carried home.

Expo Bar & Reception Co-Sponsorship | $5,000

Expand your exhibit presence by hosting this popular Expo event which includes a bar location by your exhibit space.

Hotel Room Keys | TBD (based on number of hotels desired)   [SOLD]

Get attendees attention upon their arrival and throughout the week as they carry your brand wherever they go. Includes logo or artwork on attendee room keys in host hotels.

City Experiences | $5,000

Argentum will promote activities to attendees and promote registration details provided by sponsor on conference website and pre-Conference marketing materials. Event examples include: morning run, yoga class, or city tours during non-conference hours. All expenses related to the event are the responsibility of the sponsor and must take place during approved times.

Water Stations | $4,000 

Branded water coolers throughout the convention center and exhibit hall to help keep attendees hydrated.

Lunch & Learn Presentation— New!  | $3,500

Secure a 15-minute time slot at the Lunch & Learn Stage strategically located in the lunch service area. Interested attendees have the opportunity to learn more about your company as they enjoy lunch. Limited inventory, first-come, first-served basis. Available to exhibiting companies only.
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Access the 2018 Argentum Marketing Planner

We invite you to learn about Argentum's 2018 educational events and programs and uncover opportunities to achieve your business goals.

2018 Advertising Opportunities

Conference Preview 

Launch your marketing campaign by featuring your industry products, services and solutions in the only official conference preview. The publication will include the content sections such as: schedule-at-a-glance and session tracks; featured article on keynote speaker; featured articles on exhibit floor zones and product categories; and a company listing of all Expo participants. Mailing to 20,000 senior living professionals, the preview will be sent as a supplement to Senior Living Executive, Issue 1.

Preview Sponsorship (limited to 1 company)

  • “Preview sponsored by” designation and logo on the front cover
  • Cover 4 ad
  • 2-page ad spread
Premium Ad Positions
  • Cover 2
  • Cover 3
  • Page 3
  • Page 5
Sponsored Product Category Page

  • Featured exhibitor listing
  • Horizontal strip ad on product category page
Full Page Ad (7” x 10”) $3,500
Half Page Horizontal Ad (7” x 4 7/8”) $1,950
Space Deadline Materials Deadline Mailing Window
Thursday, December 11, 2017 Wednesday, January 17, 2018 February 24 – March 10, 2018

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Conference Program

The official on-site program for the 2018 Senior Living Executive Conference will include a full schedule of events, detailed session and track information, highlights of 2018 Argentum award winners, a full exhibitor booth listing, and more!  The program serves as a resource to all Conference attendees throughout the event and is available in the welcome bag for all 3,500+ attendees.

Cover 2  $3,950
Cover 3  $3,750
Cover 4  Program Sponsor
Page 3 $3,750
Page 5 $3,600
Page 7  $3,450
Full Page Ad  $3,200
Full Page Congratulatory Ad
(artwork must recognize award winners)
Half Page Ad  $2,600
Space Deadline Materials Deadline
Saturday, March 3, 2018 Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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Senior Living Executive Magazine
The Workforce (& Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo) Issue

This issue hits mailboxes the end of April and features a profile of the senior living workforce, including a focus on training and development for sales & marketing professionals and executive directors. Plus, enjoy bonus distribution at the Conference!
Readership: 20,000+
Space deadline: March 3, 2018
Materials deadline: March 27, 2018

Onsite Branding & Messaging

Banners and on-site signage continue to be the most recalled advertising options at an Expo. Put your message in a high-traffic location and drive buyers to your exhibit. Contact us at 571-527-2625 or to see what’s still available.
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Attendee Email Blast | $5,000

You provide the html email and we will send it on your behalf to all registered attendees. Your email must include a reference to your company booth location, link to the official Expo floor plan, and conference mention/branding. We also encourage use of your VIP Guest code offering a complimentary Expo Pass.
Limited dates available.

Mobile App Push Notification | $2,750/notification

You provide the announcement and we will push it out on the official Argentum Conference app. Your post must include a reference to your company booth location.
Available Dates: May 10, May 14, May 15 (11 AM PCT), May 15 (3:30 PM PCT), May 16 (10:30 AM PCT)

Social Media Tweet | $2,750 for 2 Tweets

You provide the social media message (actually 2!) and we will send them as official Argentum tweets the days leading up to or at the Expo.
Multiple dates available.

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Email Blast/Mobile App Push Notification/Tweet Combo Package |  $8,500


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