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About the Program

Argentum’s LEAD Program elevates a select group of leaders each year, nominated by senior living executives, and provides specialized opportunities for professional development and executive networking to support career goals.

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2022 Nominee Eligibility

Individuals who meet the following requirements are eligible to be nominated:

How to Nominate
Companies will be asked to submit nominations via an online application and are restricted to no more than four nominees per company. Nominees will submit an application to include one letter of recommendation from a direct supervisor, as well as a short essay. Applications will be reviewed and selected by a panel.

Nominations must be submitted by an Argentum member owner/operator company CEO, COO, or senior human resources associate.

Exclusive Opportunities

The program provides leadership programming and networking options and the opportunity to engage in a personal development and industry advancing project with fellow cohort members. This 6-month program may include the following (activities subject to change):

Program Details

Program Onboarding, Minimum Requirements, and Graduation process:
Once nominees have been selected, they will be expected to design their own calendar/timeline to meet these minimal requirements, as follows: 

  1. Six (6) hours of program attendance at an Argentum live event (Conference, Summit, or Public Policy Institute). 
  2. Three (3Salon sessions either live or on-demand.
  3. Clear participation in and full completion of the group capstone project.
  4. Participation in the Executive Development Program at the May Conference (in-person preferred).
  5. Two presentations (minimum) to local schools or talent sources/work boards (re: senior living as a career) 
  6. One (1) social media project, flexible but ideas include: 

Program Timeline (subject to change) 

Program FAQs

Q: Can senior living professionals nominate themselves for consideration by the LEAD Program Steering Committee?
A: No. The LEAD Program is a 6-month commitment. Because of this, all time and financial commitments must be agreed to before a candidate is considered. As a result, only CEOs, COOs, or senior HR professionals in a nominating organization may nominate a candidate for the LEAD Program. Argentum encourages owner/operator members to strongly consider employees of diversity for nominations.

Q: How is this program different from the Executive Director Leadership Institute (EDLI)?
A: EDLI is designed for community-level executive directors with very specific faculty-developed curricula. The LEAD Program is designed for professionals who are at the regional or corporate level. 

Q: How is this program different from the Women in Leadership program?
A: The Women in Leadership (WIL) program is designed to provide an ongoing resource network for women who have achieved executive status. All activities of the WIL program are driven by the Women in Leadership Committee.

Q: Who is on the LEAD Program Steering Committee and what is their role?
A: The LEAD Steering Committee’s role is to advise and to review candidate applications to ensure the LEAD program classes represent the industry’s very best emerging leaders each year. Applications are reviewed “blind,” meaning no identifying information is included (such as nominating organization name). Committee members also oversee and support the capstone projects. 

Q: Do you have to be under/over a certain age to qualify for this program?
A: No. Executives of any age can be nominated. For example, a stay-at-home parent who decides to return to their career and demonstrates excellent leadership potential would be a terrific candidate for the LEAD program.

Q: What is the tuition cost of this program?
A: The cost to participate in the LEAD program is $2,950.

Q: What happened to the Senior Living Leaders Under 40 program?
A: The LEAD Program was designed as the result of a meeting with our leadership and the 2019 Senior Living Leaders Under 40 honorees. We received feedback that while an award is an honor, emerging leaders are missing an ongoing program that offers specialized education and networking opportunities that allow for immersion into the industry and identification of mentors beyond their own companies. This program is designed to do that. We are consequently discontinuing our Senior Living Leaders Under 40 awards program.

Q: Why is there a limit to the number of candidates that a nominating organization can submit?
A: As the industry’s trade association, Argentum has a responsibility to ensure equal access by large as well as smaller organizations who wish to participate. Limiting organizations to four nominees per class helps balance the mix of company types and sizes within the program.

2020-2021 LEAD Program Graduates in Amelia Island, FL

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