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Marcus Buckingham

While it’s necessary to pattern interrupt when employees are making mistakes, primarily spending time correcting their weaknesses is not an effective management strategy. In order to get the most out of their employees, organizations should take a much different approach.

During his presentation at Argentum’s Senior Living Executive Conference in May, Marcus Buckingham—global researcher, best-selling author, and founder of the Marcus Buckingham Company—will discuss how senior living organizations can build strong teams by developing employee strengths instead of focusing on correcting their weaknesses. Ahead of his presentation, he shared reasons why this tactic is important for the health of an organization.


Although many leaders think they can force workers to be more productive by constantly needling them about what they’re doing wrong in the hopes they’ll work harder to improve, according to Buckingham, the best way to increase productivity is to allow employees to flourish in the areas they most enjoy.

“People are way more productive when you give them a chance to take their natural talent and combine that with skills to create performance. It’s true in sports, it’s true in performing arts, it’s true in senior living, it’s true in sales, it’s true everywhere,” he said. “People excel when you find out some kind of natural talent that they have and you help them to contribute that.”




Managers who ignore their workers completely and give them no direction at all are most likely to drive their workers away quickly. However, managers who regularly provide negative feedback don’t fare much better when it comes to retention, as they also contribute to high turnover rates.

“If you want to lose your people, you will deliberately try to fix their weaknesses all the time,” Buckingham said.


Workers who are using their strengths every day not only do more, they do their jobs better. When organizations help employees cultivate the areas they love, that’s reflected in the way they treat the clients they serve.

“With senior living, you are having an opportunity to see the people you’re helping every day—and so if work is for love, it’s so we can contribute more,” Buckingham said. “The length between love and contribution is super tight, so one of the beautiful things about the industry is that you have such an immediate and visceral and emotional connection to what you’re contributing.”

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