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When rare and isolated accidents occur in assisted living, just as they may occur at home, it is a tragedy and we are heartsick. Our members are dedicated to their residents, families and team members and work tirelessly every day to maintain standards of care and integrity with zero tolerance for neglect, abuse or exploitation.

Every single day, over 750,000 American seniors wake up in their assisted living community and have an active and engaging day in a safe, independent and life-enriching environment.

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), along with our state affiliates and chapters, works closely with state regulators and welcomes the oversight they provide. The public should have easy online access to information from state governments about assisted living communities.

State websites, however, are just one of many sources of information. Before moving into any assisted living community, family members and/or residents should do their own research, seek references, visit several different communities several times, ask tough questions, and ask for the community’s state citation record. If the community is not forthcoming, they should find a community that is.

For many seniors who can no longer, or no longer wish to, reside at home, an assisted living community is the absolute best, safest and most satisfying senior living option. Many families choose assisted living in order to maintain the independence of their loved one. That is why fully 93% of our residents say they are satisfied with the assisted living community in which they live. It is also why fully 90% say they feel safer in their assisted living community than living on their own.

The true story of assisted living won’t be found in television programs like Frontline. It’s found in the everyday stories of our residents, and the safe, engaging, and active lives they lead every single day.

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