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NORTHBROOK, Ill.—AmpliVox Sound Systems, manufacturer of megaphones and portable public address systems, has introduced an upgraded version of its popular SW925-96 Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus with even greater sound quality and audience reach.

The Made-in-the-USA SW925 Digital Audio Partner 96-Channel wireless, portable PA system now has a second wireless antenna that increases sound coverage while reducing interference when using multiple wireless receivers.

The new system can reach up to 10,000 people, indoors or out, and even larger audiences with one or more companion satellite speakers.

It can also accommodate up to four wireless receivers and microphones, and, it includes accessories that are TAA compliant, for GSA-related business.

The 96-channel wireless receiver and transmitter is a significant upgrade over the 16-channel in the previous models and has been introduced in several portable PA systems and the entire line of 150-watt powered multimedia lecterns.

“In these days of emergency communications and social distancing, our customers need every advantage to ensure that audiences indoors or out hear critical messages with utmost clarity,” said AmpliVox CEO Don Roth.

“That’s why we previously upgraded this unit from a 16-channel to 96-channel receiver, reducing wireless signal interference by automatically switching channels. And now, the Digital Dual Diversity second antenna takes the sound quality to a whole new level.”


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