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As a whole, long-term care costs have increased 5 to 13 percent in the past two years, according to the recently released 2008 Long-Term Care Cost of Care
research report from Prudential Financial. But regardless of
across-the-board cost upticks, the average daily cost for assisted
living is still less than half the average daily cost for a private
room in a nursing home—which helps fuel support for allowing seniors to
age in place once they move into assisted living communities.

Prudential study found that the average daily cost for assisted living
is about $100, or $3,241 per month. The average daily cost for a
nursing home private room is $217, or $79,205 annually. The study also
reports that costs can vary significantly by geographic region. Alaska
is the most expensive in the country at $82,956 per year for assisted
living and $183,595 per year from nursing home care. The least
expensive areas include Oklahoma City and St. Louis.

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