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“2017 was a banner year for my firm,” confided a recruiting firm owner to your author. “We made more placements, at higher salaries and commissions, than we’ve seen since before the Great Recession,” he boasted.

In today’s economic environment, people with valuable skills in leadership roles are likely to be receiving more and more calls from recruiters. Even if you are happy with your current job, it is important not to blow recruiters off and to have a resume at the ready.

You never know if the opportunity that will be presented will be more attractive than your current role. And, you can gain a boost of 15 percent or more in your compensation by being willing to make a change, likely far outpacing the raise you can expect in your current role.

Recruiters are particularly zealous about seeking a prized “passive candidate” – someone who is open to new opportunities but not actively seeking them. Why? The psychology of hiring managers and recruiters often goes like this: If someone is good, they are already working for a competitor, and if they aren’t employed or are submitting their resume actively, there is often some kind of problem. READ MORE.

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