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There is a growing realization among health care executives that transforming the health care system will require their organizations to develop new business models and new organizational structures, according to leadership interviews with the Harvard Business Review.

The executives expressed concern that to keep abreast and stay ahead of the transformation, significant cash would be needed – and most said their organizations would have to secure financing from outside sources. They predict that the nation will continue on the path to a health care payment system that pays for value and outcome rather than the traditional fee-for-service.

“The transformation will necessitate substantial investments in finance, technology, human capital, operations and infrastructure, and a substantial disinvestment of legacy resources in these areas,” the authors write. “This pivot will entail a transformation of the workforce, physical infrastructure, and technologies that support and drive the care of patients.” They predict that organizations will need to undertake concurrent investments and operational changes throughout organizational structures within the already complicated health care delivery structure.


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