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Photo: Left to right: Michael Cherry, IntegraCare director of operations; Jeannie Stack, Colonial Courtyard at Tyrone housekeeper and winner of the 2018 Ford Focus; Miranda Coulter, CC Tyrone acting executive director; and Eric Walker, IntegraCare executive director of sales and marketing.

Jeannie Stack went to work at Colonial Courtyard at Tyrone on Jan. 30 just as she had done so many times throughout her 15 years as a housekeeper with the IntegraCare senior living community.

By the end of the day, Stack had a set of keys to a brand new red Ford Focus. She was the annual winner of the new vehicle as part of IntegraCare’s Continued Attendance Rewards (CAR) Program, which is in its third year of providing a new car to a lucky employee as well as a number of grand prizes distributed throughout the 10 senior living communities in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

“We were all just patiently waiting to see where the car was coming to,” Stack said, referring to a Facebook Live presentation showing IntegraCare Executive Director of Marketing Eric Walker and IntegraCare Marketing Associate Beth Garrard driving to an unnamed IntegraCare community to hand over the keys.

“When they said they were driving to the community here in Tyrone we got up and ran to the door,” said Stack, who lives in Tyrone. “When they called my name, I was so excited. It’s very nice. It means a lot to us that the company would do this for an employee.”

Since 2015-16, employees of all 10 IntegraCare senior living communities have been eligible to win the new car through the year-long contest based on perfect attendance. Additionally, three grand prize winners at each community receive prizes such as a week’s vacation, a television or laptop.

“This is a reward program for all hourly, non-management team members based on perfect attendance each payroll period,” IntegraCare’s Walker said. “The CAR Program has generated excitement throughout the year and boosts morale and attendance throughout our communities. The announcement is one of the most anticipated days of the year for our entire team.”

In three years, the CAR Program has made an impact on multiple fronts:

During the first year of the CAR Program, eight new vehicles were presented in January 2016 to winners at the eight IntegraCare communities participating in the contest. Last year, one overall winner received a new car, though all 10 IntegraCare communities presented three grand prizes.

“It’s an unbelievable experience,” said Newhaven Court at Lindwood’s Ryan Hershey, who won the new Ford Focus in 2017. “I was shocked. I was very excited.”

Hershey has had perfect attendance during his eight years at IntegraCare.

Employees at 10 IntegraCare communities received vouchers based on perfect attendance during each pay period in 2017 and were entered into the CAR Program contest.

Those IntegraCare senior living communities participating in the contest were:

“We respect our employees and consider each one a key member of our team,” said Richard Irwin, CEO of IntegraCare. “In turn, they improve the quality of life for residents and their families. We ask our residents and their family members to encourage our team and help make our communities better places to work, which in turn makes it a better place to live. What better way for us to set an example than to provide an incentive contest in which our team members have a chance to win a new car?”

Three grand prizes presented at each community included:

“The CAR Program enabled us to put an impactful spotlight on our many dedicated team members who work so hard to improve the lives of our residents,” said Loriann Putzier, IntegraCare president and COO. “The incentive program made an ‘everyday’ routine such as coming to work just a bit more exciting. The program generated interest and a buzz.”

The CAR Program also enabled one previous winner to “pay it forward.” The Woods at Cedar Run receptionist Tamara Wehler won a new Ford Focus in 2016. Then, Wehler chose to better the life of an acquaintance in need, and that person in turn assisted a local church.

Ironically, Wehler and her husband already owned a 2005 Ford Focus. “My first thought was, ‘Good, I can sell our car.’ But it didn’t feel right,” said Wehler, who retired after 30 years as a florist and has been at The Woods for nearly five years.

She gave away her used car to an acquaintance in need of an upgrade. The cycle of giving didn’t stop there, though.

“The person I gave the car to needed a car because they do a lot of traveling,” Wehler said. “In turn, they gave their car to the church.”

The CAR Program continued to impact lives as the tradition added another chapter while handing out a set of new keys in 2018.

“The car is beautiful, very, very nice,” Stack said. “I enjoy coming to work.”

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