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Therapy and rehabilitation departments at senior living communities are under immense pressure to do more with less, which puts a major strain on staff that can result in burnout and disengagement. It’s critical, therefore, that administrators arm their therapy and rehab departments with the tools they need to avoid job fatigue and remain healthy and happy at work.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but making sure therapists have access to equipment that enables them to work effectively and efficiently can have major positive impacts on productivity and engagement. Therapists can become frustrated when they don’t have the means to be able to help or get the desired outcome for their patient. Better equipped therapists are empowered with a sense of rejuvenated engagement and fulfillment for their work.  

Thankfully, there are products that are thoughtfully designed to help therapists rise to meet today’s challenges. For example, NeuroGym products, such as the line’s bungee mobility trainer, requires only one therapist to operate and is proven to help patients recover more quickly, in turn allowing therapists to work more efficiently, safely, and effectively.

The bottom line? Therapists do what they do to change lives. Supporting therapists with the right types of tools is just one effective way to ensure staff is productive and satisfied, and shows that you share in their vision to make an impact. 

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