Argentum has launched a senior living sales counselor certificate program to build knowledge and competencies of senior living sales professionals. The certificate ensures participants will walk away with a complete understanding of the different service levels of senior living and be able to speak intelligently with prospective residents about options that best fit that individual’s preferences and needs.

The concept originated during an Argentum Sales and Marketing Executive Roundtable discussion, where members shared a common challenge of needing a more efficient and effective process to bring new sales hires up to speed on the intricacies of senior living, so that in-house training could be refocused on competitive differentiators.

Subject matter experts from the roundtable and industry created the program with a top down approach—moving from broad concepts toward important details via a curriculum that covers the 3 fundamentals of successful sales:

“Coupled with a company’s own excellent internal training, this certificate program provides a valuable complement that will have tremendous resonance with the public, government and other important external audiences that more and more are looking at third-party issued credentials to validate necessary skills and job task competencies,” says Paul Williams, vice president of professional development and education at Argentum.

The program’s modules can be completed at home or in the workplace and tests are proctored electronically so employees can easily fit the training into their busy schedules.

“Twelve Argentum member companies have already embraced the certificate program as a learning tool for their new sales hires,” Williams says. “And we expect that this solution will help successfully prepare sales professionals for a career within senior living.”

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