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In order to better compete in your job search, you want to understand what recruiters look for when hiring in 2017. Jobvite’s 2017 Recruiter Nation Report sheds light on what’s most important to recruiters as the source and interview job candidates.

Jobvite’s 2017 Recruiter Nation Report is the result of surveying 831 recruiters in the US about “attitudes, behaviors, fears, strategies, and predictions for how to build the best companies possible — good people, good practices, and good culture.”

In order to intelligently job search, you need to understand what matters to recruiters and what their priorities are. What follows is my analysis of the findings.

What Makes A Good Candidate
Recruiters rated previous job experience, culture fit, and employee referrals as the top three factors they use to evaluate candidates. So what this means is that talking with company insiders is invaluable. Not only could it result in an employee to refer you for a job (which will increase your odds of securing a job), it also provides you with information about the company culture that will help you determine whether you will fit in. READ MORE.

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