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DALLAS—Sentrics Holdings, LLC., today its Entertain360SM platform, designed to integrate TV programming, internet, and voice technology to move senior living entertainment beyond traditional TV programming. Responding to the strain communities have been under to provide constant entertainment to residents limited in movement because of coronavirus concerns, Sentrics expanded its proven TV programming to include integrated DVR service, direct-to-room internet, and sophisticated voice capabilities that deliver “home-like” services right to each resident room.

Bundling TV, internet, and voice into a 3-in-1 service helps residents stay connected to the outside world. This technology-rich option can also include managed services to provide staff a maintenance and management-free solution that releases resources to work on other projects and minimizes technology headaches.

“While TV programming has always been a key driver of resident satisfaction for our communities, this essential service has not been enough to prevent some residents from feeling lonely and isolated during the extended lockdowns,” says Darin LeGrange, CEO of Sentrics. “With many residents unable or unwilling to leave their rooms, WiFi networks became strained as residents looked for additional sources of entertainment. Our solution means they don’t have to compete with other residents for bandwidth. They can always reach the grandchildren to read them a bedtime story, keep friends updated about their health, and even complete video conference calls with family and health professionals.”

Sentrics is the emerging technology leader in the senior living industry. It is helping communities nationwide transform their social businesses into more sophisticated, clinically oriented, risk-management models. It has integrated and expanded the proven life safety and entertainment solutions from industry veterans Ciscor, Silversphere, and SeniorTV to create a game-changing suite of solutions that help communities manage a resident’s physical, medical, social and behavioral health.

Entertain360 is the company’s entertainment platform, developed just for senior living communities. It also provides the foundation for Engage360SM, a powerful, interactive platform that engages a resident’s mind, body and spirit, and helps them interact with the community, family and friends, right from the TV.

Entertain360 is built for residents and bundled for communities to make it easy to use and affordable. The platform, powered by SeniorTV, still gives communities the ability to customize and change TV programming lineups to meet resident and care-level needs, while an intuitive guide and big-button remote make channel selection easy. Expanded internet capabilities enable communities to deliver prioritized and secure internet right to resident apartments, and sophisticated voice solutions offer resort-style dialing and expanded 911 capabilities.

“This bundled platform leverages the most sophisticated technology to entertain residents,” said Chad Harris, General Manager of the Entertain360 and Engage360 business units for Sentrics. “No longer worried about bandwidth constraints, residents now have a choice to watch their favorite programs, enjoy an online exercise or educational class, or do both simultaneously. Plus, add-on services, like Live Events Broadcast, allow communities to broadcast ‘group-like’ events directly to the resident TV. It expands the choices communities can provide their residents while improving the overall experience and well-being of the residents themselves.”

The Entertain360 3-in-1 platform includes:

“The power of 3-in-1 comes in how easy it is to use,” said Harris. “By bundling the services, we can offer communities a much lower cost than they pay for all three services separately, while delivering a higher quality solution. Adding managed services removes the daily headaches of technology management and frees resources to focus on residents instead of running technology.”

Entertain360 is available now. For more information, communities can visit

About Sentrics
Sentrics is a leader in senior living technology helping thousands of communities transform operations from hospitality to sophisticated care and risk management to improve outcomes while reducing costs. It partners with senior living operators to create a 360-degree view—physical, medical, social and behavioral—of the wellbeing of each resident. The company’s integrated platform includes emergency call, life safety and monitoring, entertainment, engagement, and life enrichment within a single building or throughout a sprawling campus. For more information please visit


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