Movies are a popular amenity in senior living and health care communities across the country. If your community is one of the many that shows movies in communal areas like an activity room, or on a dedicated closed circuit television channel, Argentum reminds you that these types of exhibitions require a public performance license to comply with the US Copyright Act.

Argentum, and all other leading industry associations have secured member savings on the Umbrella License®, the annual public performance license offered by Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC). The Umbrella License is the most comprehensive copyright license available for senior living and health care communities and provides annual copyright coverage for over 1,000 motion picture studios and producers. The license includes public performance rights for both major Hollywood studios and independent producers. Once licensed, an unlimited number of movies may be shown. Movies can be secured from any legal source whether rented, purchased, or borrowed via DVD, stream, or download.

If your community currently shows movies or would like to start, please be sure to secure a license to avoid copyright infringement penalties.

As Argentum advised last year, the 2016 Agreement establishes guidelines for the licensing of motion picture exhibitions in all senior living and health care communities regardless of the level of care provided or the license status of the community. The Agreement states that:

Please contact MPLC directly at (800) 462-8855 or online at for assistance with pricing or to ask any questions about the Umbrella License.

If your senior living community operates assisted living, nursing or rehabilitation units, and held an Umbrella License prior to October 2016, if you have not done so already Argentum strongly encourages you to provide MPLC with updated unit counts for the aforementioned units prior to your renewal date. Longstanding licensees are eligible for reduced pricing for any assisted living, nursing, or rehabilitation units/rooms added during this renewal year only. Thereafter, the license requirement remains, but units will be priced at a higher fee.

Please feel free to contact Argentum at (703) 894-1805 with any questions about motion picture licensing requirements within our industry.


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