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As of this writing, the election results to determine the next president are still too close to call, with several battleground states still tabulating final vote totals. Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, the priorities and needs of our communities and the residents they care for remain the same. We are continuing to focus on COVID-19 and educating federal officials about the importance of processing relief payments, obtaining additional financial resources and testing support, preparing vaccine management, and instituting reasonable liability protections. No matter the Administration, Argentum will continue our advocacy fight.

The U.S. Senate is likely to remain in Republican control, though the current majority could be reduced. Republicans are so far holding onto seats in Iowa, South Carolina, Kansas, Texas, and Montana. Democrats have flipped seats in Colorado and Arizona, while Republicans flipped a seat in Alabama. Several other seats, including Maine, Michigan, and a Georgia run-off remain undecided.

With Republican control in the Senate, it could mean a stronger chance of passing some form of liability reform (though legislation would also have to pass a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.) However, if Joe Biden can win the White House, a veto is not out of the question. Regulatory oversight remains a strong concern with either Republicans or Democrats in control of the Senate. However, because most of the legislation introduced to regulate the industry is led by Democrats, a divided Congress may be helpful to prevent overly burdensome regulation to the industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted senior living into the spotlight and elevated awareness of the industry at the federal level. And we are acutely aware that it’s not enough to be at the table for these discussions; the industry needs to set the table for those conversations and stand ready to react and respond accordingly. At Argentum, we are continuing to invest in government relations efforts, building upon our strong foundation and creating new avenues to share our messages. We have never been in a better position to advocate for the interests of the residents, staff, and families who depend on us.


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