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President Trump made two key moves this week that will significantly affect the current state of healthcare in the United States. He issued an executive order with a goal of providing Americans and their employers with more affordable options in the healthcare marketplace, and said the administration will immediately stop funding for subsidy payments to insurers selling Obamacare coverage.

The decision to end the key subsidy payments, which are worth an estimated $7 billion to $9 billion this year, help insurers pay out-of-pocket costs for low-income individuals who buy coverage through the exchanges.

The executive order does not direct federal agencies to adopt particular rules but asks them to consider expanding access to Association Health Plans (AHP), Short Term Limited Duration Insurance (STLDI), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA).

Among other things, the order aims to:

The administration also encouraged Congress in the order to repeal the individual and employer mandate penalties on small businesses with at least 50 workers and individuals who fail to purchase certain coverage.

Argentum will continue to track these issues closely and update you as the debate, discussion, and definitive changes affect the senior living industry. We view the move to foster more access to affordable plans for employees and employers as a positive development in this arena.


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