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Final Accountable Care Organization Rules Issued

October 25, 2011

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid have issued the final rule for Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). The final rules have been well received by many provider groups and offer some marked changes from the proposed rules, initially released in March.


Hearing Seeks Agreement on Medicare Reform

October 18, 2011

The Senate Special Committee on Aging conducted a hearing last week to try to develop a strategy to reform the Medicare program in a way that would be acceptable to both Democrats and Republicans.


Committee Addresses Abuses of Medicaid Eligibility

September 27, 2011

The House Subcommittee on Health Care, District of Columbia, Census and the National Archives conducted a hearing aimed at understanding and developing a strategy for combating abuses of Medicaid eligibility rules.


State Policies Scrutinized by New Scorecard

September 13, 2011

A new report, designed to help states foster policies that encourage high quality care for older adults, analyzed the performance of long term services and supports, including assisted living options, across all 50 states.


CMS Offers Guidance on Reporting Crimes

July 19, 2011

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has released a memo offering guidance for nursing homes and hospices on a component of the Social Security Act that requires these communities to report any reasonable suspicion of crimes against a resident. 


HHS Announces New Initiatives for Dual Eligibles

July 12, 2011

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released plans for new initiatives aimed at providing better quality care for the nine million Americans enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid as well as lowering costs for federal and state governments.


Congressional Budget Office Predicts “Daunting” Budget Outlook

June 28, 2011

The Congressional Budget Office has released its 2011 Long Term Budget Outlook, predicting significant increases in health care spending for Medicare and Medicaid as well as increases in social security costs, creating a “daunting” budget outlook for the


Federal Financing for Medicaid Dries Up

June 21, 2011

The 90 billion dollars in federal financing, included in 2009’s economic recovery package as aid for Medicaid programs, is about to run out at the end of the month, leaving Medicaid programs with less money to provide for a rising number of beneficiaries.


Americans Worry More about Retirement

June 21, 2011

When asked if they were worried about various financial matters, Americans of all incomes were most concerned about their retirement savings, with nearly 2/3 of respondents indicating that they are very or moderately worried about not having enough money

Press Release

Proposed Medicaid Waiver Rules Could Greatly Reduce Choice Says Leading Senior Living Organization

June 15, 2011

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – June 15, 2011 – The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) today expressed its concern in a letter to the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid about a revised proposed rule that will guide implementation of Medicaid Home and Commun


ALFA Voices Concerns with Proposed CMS Rule

June 14, 2011

ALFA has written a letter expressing its concerns with regulation proposed last April by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. If the rule remains unchanged, ALFA fears that many currently eligible senior living residents will be denied assistance


Medicare & Social Security in Dire Straights

May 17, 2011

The Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare released their annual projected financial analysis of the programs, concluding that Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will be exhausted by 2024, while Social Security will be depleted by 2036.

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