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(Alexandria, Va.) – Argentum announces that its partners in the Healthcare Apprenticeship Expansion Program (HAEP) have enrolled 785 apprentices and that the program is on track to reach its goal of enrolling more than 1,200 apprentices by spring 2021.  

The HAEP program, designed to develop apprenticeships in senior living and related allied health occupations, was developed and expanded nationwide through a four-year U.S. Department of Labor grant of nearly $6 million, awarded following a national competitive process. Its projected long-term goal is more than 7,239 registered apprentices in 14 states by 2024. 

The collaborative is also working to create an apprenticeship pathway for leadership positions such as supervisors, department directors, and executive directors of senior living communities. The initiative aims to enroll over 250 apprentices in leadership pathways by February 2024. 

Five employer partners have officially signed onto the partnership. The collaborative anticipates an additional five to six employer partners joining through the initial year of the grant. 

In addition to receiving training reimbursements under the grant, employer partners are being provided with technical assistance to identify additional state and local grants to help supplement costs beyond what’s allowable under the HAEP grant. 

“It’s become clear that retention of our workers is critical to our continued competitiveness,” says Brent Weil, Argentum vice president of workforce development. “Apprenticeship is a way to show our team members that they’re valued, that we see their ability to grow as far as they want to. And for us to lay out that path with them makes them equal owners of their careers.”  

“Apprenticeships are a win-win,” says Megan Robinson, Argentum project manager of workforce development and apprenticeships. “For the employee, a career path is clearly outlined; they’ll know the types of wage increases and promotions they can earn, and they get on-the-job training. For the employer, it’s also beneficial: They get to train employees to a skill set that’s exactly what they need for their organization.” 

Targeted occupations include certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, rehabilitation technicians, and pharmacy technicians; supervisors and executive directors of assisted living communities; and healthcare cybersecurity specialists. 

Participating employers in the HAEP may join a national steering group to define career paths and competencies, will receive technical assistance to execute apprenticeship, and will have access to funds to pay for training of employees. 

Apprentices are also eligible to receive wrap-around supportive services from Family Scholar House, as well as emergency support stipends of up to $500 to cover unexpected expenses such as utility bills and other living expenses. 

“We’ve all heard during COVID-19 how employees struggle with childcare, care of their own parents, and transportation,” Robinson says. “Such support is critical to engagement and retention.” 

For more information on the apprenticeship program, please contact Brent Weil, vice president of workforce development, at or (571) 527-2630. 

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