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August , 2006
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Utility Market Report

Here is the latest news impacting utility rates for ALFA members in various markets. Contact APPI for more information.

Illinois: Market to Open for Electricity Competition
Illinois businesses will soon be impacted by changes in electricity rates. On January 1, 2007, rate increases are likely to occur with incumbent suppliers: ComEd and Ameren IP. Fortunately, during the remainder of 2006, businesses can choose between competitive solutions to mitigate the effects of rate increases.

Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Texas: Significant Electricity Savings
If you have business locations in these states, you may be able to decrease electricity costs. APPI can also remove the threat of future electricity price increases while finding current savings for your business. Peak hurricane season begins in August and continues through October. Last year’s hurricanes had a devastating impact on energy prices paid by many businesses. Now is the time to consider a locked-in fixed electricity price to protect your business from future price increases.

All States: Lower Utility Costs
Members in all states can lower operating expenses through APPI’s Utility Audit Service. The audit includes a thorough analysis of energy (electricity and natural gas), water, waste removal/recycling, freight, and telecommunications (voice and data) services. APPI analyzes all fees, tariff rates, and service plans to find savings. There are savings found in one or more of these areas for most companies, with savings ranging from 10-25 percent. Fax last month’s utility bills to 410/749-8769 and APPI will take care of the rest.

About the APPI Savings Solutions Program
A member benefit provided by ALFA is the APPI Savings Solutions Program. Managed by APPI, an independent utility consulting firm, the program provides energy and utility savings solutions for your business. APPI’s services protect your business and your bottom line. APPI reviews pricing and product options, and then presents you with the most competitive utility rates. You choose whether to implement APPI’s solutions. For more information, visit

About the Assisted Living Federation of America
The Assisted Living Federation of America is the largest national association exclusively dedicated to professionally operated assisted living communities for seniors. ALFA’s member-driven programs promote business and operational excellence through national conferences, research, publications, and executive networks. ALFA works to influence public policy by advocating for informed choice, quality care, and accessibility for all Americans seeking assistance with long-term care.

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