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June 12, 2007

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) today hails the passage of landmark informed choice legislation, which was signed by Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry on June 5.

Senate Bill 738 which was sponsored by Senator Mike Morgan (D-Stillwater) and Representative Gus Blackwell (R-Goodwell) who guided the legislation in the House, provides seniors with the fundamental right to remain in assisted living communities as long as the resident or their family, physician, and assisted living provider agree that necessary services to meet the resident’s needs can be provided through the community or other appropriate parties. 

“We are pleased that seniors in Oklahoma will now have the choice to remain in assisted living communities as long as they desire, provided their needs can be met by the assisted living community,” said ALFA President & CEO Richard P. Grimes. “Residents should have the option to determine where to live and not be forced unnecessarily into more expensive, institutional settings against their will. On behalf of all ALFA Members, assisted living providers, residents and families, we applaud the efforts and leadership of the Oklahoma Assisted Living Association (OKALA) in securing the passage of this legislation.”

ALFA’s highest public policy priority is securing informed choice for seniors who reside in America’s assisted living communities.  Senate Bill 738 will become effective on November 1, 2007.  


About the Assisted Living Federation of America
The Assisted Living Federation of America is the largest national association exclusively dedicated to professionally operated assisted living communities for seniors. ALFA’s member-driven programs promote business and operational excellence through national conferences, research, publications, and executive networks. ALFA works to influence public policy by advocating for informed choice, quality care, and accessibility for all Americans.

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