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Want a Sales Person Who Can Hit the Ground Running?

The Argentum Sales Counselor Certificate Program is designed to help build knowledge and competencies so that senior living professionals are able to speak with common vernacular from the very beginning of their employment, which leads to better performance, job satisfaction and retention. As an added benefit, the curriculum saves your company 2-3 days of training, so that you may refocus your invaluable onboarding efforts on skills development, in depth sales execution training, case studies, and competitive differentiators.


“Being fluent in our industry’s terminology early on allows a sales counselor to easily guide the prospect through each of the steps present in the transition from life at home to life in a community. I found tremendous value in decreasing this learning curve, and would recommend the Argentum Senior Living Sales Counselor Certificate program as a great course for any sales professional, specifically those who come to us from outside the industry.” – Janine Witte, National Director of Sales, Senior Lifestyle

I Want to Earn My Certificate

Registration is live and open to all senior living employees with an interest in better communicating the value of senior living.

“The Argentum sales certificate program was very beneficial to our new sales directors who were new to the industry. We are working on incorporating it into our 90-day onboarding plan going forward.”
–Tami Cumings, SVP of Sales and Marketing, The Arbor Company

Certificate Program Details and Fees

The sales certificate curriculum covers the 3 fundamentals of successful sales:

The Argentum Sales Counselor Certificate Program includes internet-based training modules. Participants may view the training in as many sessions as needed, and should expect to spend about three to four hours total taking the training course. View a few slides from the training modules to get a better idea of the learning experience.

The certificate examination is administered online by a Live Online Proctor (LOP). Learn more about the Live Online Proctor examination logistics.


Registration is live and open to all senior living employees with an interest in better communicating the value of senior living.

The training course and assessment are available for $350.

The training course and assessment can be taken up to 366 days after payment. After 366 days the eligibility will expire. The candidate may start the training immediately after the credit card payment. The Live Online Proctoring (LOP) scheduling/testing is enabled 5 days after payment.

Professionals seeking to register can learn more about the training and exam requirements here.

Examination Results
Once the assessment is completed pass/fail status will be communicated. Results will be released to the candidate only.

Promotional Material
Individuals who pass the examination will be presented with a digital badge and a certificate from Argentum, that demonstrate the ability of that professional to offer an exceptionally unique, consultative experience for seniors and their families.

Register a Group

Take the opportunity to attract and quickly acclimate new talent by making a company-wide commitment to building this certificate into your formal onboarding plan.
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“Commonwealth Senior Living has found the certificate program incredibly worthwhile. For sales professionals with little experience within senior living, we experienced a significant ROI as these individuals onboarded more succinctly and expeditiously compared to others with similar experience who had not completed the program. We are committed to building this certificate into our formal onboarding plan, as this program has already led to the success of our new sales professionals early in their tenure.” – Kristy Ruppe Craddock, SVP of Sales & Marketing, Commonwealth Senior Living

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Thank You Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Thank you to the following individuals and companies for your contributions and support in the development of the sales certificate. Titles/companies as of 9/29/17.

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