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A multi-year, member-led initiative of the Argentum’s Sales and Marketing Executive Roundtable, the Argentum Sales Counselor Certificate Program is designed to help build knowledge and competencies of senior living sales professionals. The curriculum covers the 3 fundamentals of successful sales:

Refocus Employee Training on Competitive Differentiators

As a result of efficient onboarding through the Argentum Sales Counselor Certificate Program, sales professionals will be able to speak with common vernacular about senior living. The curriculum will save your company 2-3 days of training, so that you may refocus your invaluable onboarding efforts on skills development, in depth sales execution training, case studies, and competitive differentiators.

Refocus your invaluable onboarding efforts on skills development, in depth sales execution training, case studies, and competitive differentiators.

View Curriculum

Learn more about the specifics of the Argentum Senior Living Sales Certificate curriculum.

Watch 20-Minute Webinar Overview

The recording shares program background information and a demonstration of the learning modules.

View Certificate FAQs

View frequently asked questions related to the certificate program.

Certificate Program Details and Fees

The Argentum Sales Counselor Certificate Program includes internet-based training modules. Participants may view the training in as many sessions as needed, and should expect to spend about three (3) hours total taking the training course. View a few slides from the training modules to get a better idea of the learning experience.

The certificate examination is administered online by a Live Online Proctor (LOP). Learn more about the Live Online Proctor examination logistics.


Sales professionals and those with an interest in better communicating the value of senior living may participate.

The training course and assessment are available for $350 and can be taken up to 366 days after payment. After 366 days the eligibility will expire. The candidate may start the training immediately after the credit card payment. The Live Online Proctoring (LOP) scheduling/testing is enabled 5 days after payment. Please contact to register multiple candidates.

Registration:  Now open.

Examination Results
Once the assessment is completed pass/fail status will be communicated. Results will be released to the candidate only.

Promotional Material
Individuals who pass the examination will be presented with a digital badge and a certificate from Argentum, that demonstrate the ability of that professional to offer an exceptionally unique, consultative experience for seniors and their families.

Enroll in the Program
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Drive Performance
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Thank You Participating Companies

Thank you to the following companies who have already enrolled individuals into the first testing window. Titles/companies as of 10/20/17.

Thank You Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Thank you to the following individuals and companies for your contributions and support in the development of the sales certificate. Titles/companies as of 9/29/17.

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