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Regulators Review Hospice Care

A CNN report looks at the state of hospice care services, which are supported by Medicaid dollars, and says regulators are considering big changes.

House Legislation Includes Partial Drug Co-Pay Fix

Dual-eligible residents (Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries) who participate in an assisted living Medicaid waiver program would be exempt from prescription drug co-payments under the U.S. House of Representatives’ health reform proposal (H.R. 3200).

Senate Examines LTC Disaster Planning

The Senate Special Committee on Aging examined the need to include senior living care in national disaster planning and emergency preparedness at a recent hearing.

Investors Eye the Surge in Alzheimer’s Residents

Demographic research and predictions about the aging population and how many seniors will likely develop Alzheimer’s disease has caught the attention of financial advisers, who look for “megatrends” – like the prevalence of Alzheimer’s – to develop long-t

Respite Stays Gain Traction

Senior living communities are coming to the rescue of family members and other home-based caregivers who need to take some time for themselves.

Profitable Social Media

New research shows that companies with the highest levels of social media activity averaged an 18 percent jump in revenue over the past year…

Diamond in the Rough

Hiring successful executive directors requires identifying several personal and professional traits and then grooming star leaders for success. Here’s a look at several real-world scenarios, and how certain strategies can help ideal candidates rise to the

Helping Vets Get the Choice They Deserve

Advocacy efforts aim to make assisted living an option for the nation’s veterans, many of whom would prefer assisted living to a nursing home. An ALFA Tool Kit also helps navigate this benefit for residents.

Living a Fantasy

Many cities and towns across the United States have created “Peter Pan communities,” says UC Berkeley Professor Scharlach, where infrastructures cannot accommodate the aging population. Citizens must act now to catch up with seniors’ needs.

Residents on the Road

As the U.S. population continues to age and more baby boomers become senior living residents, so will the number of residents who drive. Here’s a new program designed to help older people drive more safely.

Grassroots Advocacy at Work

Several states have achieved legislative victories recently, including Texas, where the governor has signed off on two key laws that help preserve the assisted living philosophy of resident-centered care…

Obama Makes Pro-Union NLRB Nominations

President Barack Obama has announced his nominations for the National Labor Relations Board, on which there are three open spots. Two of the nominees have pro-union backgrounds …