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Conference Audio and Video Presentations

Memory Care in 2020 and Beyond

Today, many senior living organizations serve residents living with dementia through specially dedicated environments and/or programs suited to their unique needs. Over the next five to ten years, however, the demographics in senior living are predicted t

Long Term Care Financing in a Post CLASS America

The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act to establish the first national, government run long term care insurance program was included in the Affordable Care Act that President Obama signed into law in 2010. CLASS was quickly aban

Life Safety Codes and How They Impact Assisted Living Providers

Recent changes to the International Building Code (IBC) will have an impact on new construction for assisted living. The change will also more closely align IBC requirements with the National Fire Protection Association standards. Learn about the impact t

DOJ Olmstead Enforcement & Senior Living

The American’s with Disabilities Act and the Olmstead Decision are important to support community integration of Americans with disabilities. This session will provide a refresher on goals of ADA and Olmstead and how they impact senior living providers.

Code Red: Protecting Your Enterprise and Securing Your Data

Do you remember what you were doing 416 days ago? According to a recent security report from Mandiant, it takes more than a year before the average company realizes it has been a cybercrime target. Cybercrime expert Theresa Payton provides an overview of

Building and Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation

Most assisted living communities have not paid much attention to on-line consumer and employee rating websites. This likely means one of two things: You either don’t have a presence or worse, people are saying terrible thing about you and you don’t know

Great Expectations: Keeping up With Changing Customers

The constant momentum of evolving economic indicators, demographics, communications technology, and access to information will continue to have an enormous impact on the way we do business and the efficacy of sales programs. Prospects and their families a