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Financing Options For Nonprofit Senior Living Organizations

December 18, 2012

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of various financing options available to nonprofit senior living providers in this comprehensive resource developed by Lancaster Pollard & Co.’s Kassem K. Matt and Gerald M. Swiacki.


How Medicaid Reimbursement Can Pay Off For Providers

October 29, 2012

Medicaid reimbursement for assisted living is an option for seniors in 44 states. Learn how these programs work and why they benefit providers across the industry in an article written by Lancaster Pollard’s Kevin Tholke.


Modifying Your Workers Comp Mod

August 13, 2012

The National Council of Compensation Insurers (NCCI) proposed significant changes to the calculation of the experience modification factor (mod) that will take effect in most states in 2013. Mods historically have been a metric for Workers Compensation cl


Top 10 Senior Living Hurricane Season Preparation List

July 31, 2012

Have a plan! The implementation process must be managed by senior managers with involvement from the whole team. Utilize Safety/Risk Committees to assist in completing and maintaining the plan, share efforts and responsibility and involve residents and fa


Tips for Success in Tough Lending Market

June 12, 2012

Owners and operators of senior housing need to recognize and avoid failed funding strategies that effectively place the cart before the horse in a tight credit market, Jeffrey A. Davis, chairman of Chicago based Cambridge Realty Capital Companies advises.


The Positive Impact of Coffee Drinking on Seniors

May 8, 2012

Discover the role coffee can play in preventing disease and improving the quality of life of seniors in a piece by S&D Coffee.


Top Ten Tips to Inject Hospitality Design into Your Senior Living Community

May 2, 2012

Learn how to transform your senior living community into a hospitality destination with some tips from the experts at three-Living Architecture.


Handling Online Feedback: A Provider’s Guide to Good Virtual Business

March 7, 2012

Learn how to address negative online feedback and manage an effective online presence in the latest Member to Member Solutions article, written by Michelle Seitzer of


Energy and Cost Savings Achieved Through Solar Technologies

January 31, 2012

Cogenra Solar highlights the costs and benefits of implementing a solar energy program through a case study of an assisted living community undergoing the shift.


Social Media and Senior Living Marketing: Putting Faces with Names

November 15, 2011

Learn how use social media to help build your brand and connect with your consumers through helpful hints from Seniors for Living.

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