Inspiring Creativity in Assisted Living: The 2013 ALFA Art Showcase

January 23, 2013 highlights the 2013 ALFA Art Showcase.


Executives Answer: What are your top three secrets for finding great nurses committed to serving seniors?

August 13, 2012

Benchmark Senior Living and New Perspective Senior Living Clinical Quality Vice Presidents answer.


The Right Kind of Confidence

August 9, 2012

Some may say that such over-confidence is endemic among managers and executives, but not among the rest of the workforce. Regular people are much more self-aware. Or, are they?


What to Do About Ageism & Sexism in the Hiring Process

August 6, 2012

Research shows that the number one reason a new hire doesn’t work out isn’t that they can’t do the work. It’s that they don’t fit it. Their values and goals are incompatible with those of the organization. So, if you find ageism and sexism deplorable, don


The Two Worst Words in Recruiting

July 26, 2012

The best talent has choices, so make sure your recruitment ads and job postings use a vocabulary that will sell them on your opportunity. Communicate with them in their own words and focus your message on “what’s in it for them.”


ALFA Announces Winners of Art Competition

April 23, 2012

ALFA has announced the two winners of the ALFA Senior Living Art Showcase, an art competition celebrating the arts in senior living communities. Receiving 572 likes on Facebook, Betty Finstad’s Southwestern Serenity was declared the fan favorite winner, a


Superior Woman Wins National Painting Competition

April 19, 2012

Betty Finstad “started six years ago. She was never an artistic soul, but she decided to give it a try,” Wickett said. “She has probably painted a total of 13 pieces all together. So the fact that one of them won a national award is pretty amazing.”


Mimi Miller is an ALFA Art Finalist

April 18, 2012

Mimi Miller, a resident of Brightview Country Club Heights, is a finalist in the Assisted Living Federation of America’s (ALFA) leading art competition for senior living residents, the ALFA Senior Living Art Showcase. Her artistic piece, Flowers, was sele


Art Cole makes a name as a painter (video, slideshow)

April 4, 2012

It was a good thing his mom named him Art, said Art Cole as he stroked a brush through burnt umber oil paint and daubed it onto a canvas. He sat at a mini-easel on a dining table off the foyer of Sterling House and painted in the lines of a fence that led

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