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Editorial Calendar

Issue 1: The Culture Issue
An overview of successful community programs (i.e. resident, staff, and community outreach) and challenges met, as well as insight from executive directors for future community leaders.
Space deadline: December 22
Materials deadline: January 25
Highlight: Senior Living Executive Conference Program & Expo Preview will be Polybagged with magazine

Issue 2: The Leadership Issue
A look at professional development plans and training opportunities with a focus on credentialing. The 2017 Senior Living Leaders Under 40 List will highlight emerging leaders in the industry. Issue will highlight 2017 award winners.
Space deadline: February 21
Materials deadline: March 27
Highlight: Additional distribution onsite at the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference

Issue 3: The Resident Issue
A focus on the “heart of senior living” including today’s resident lifestyle, family engagement, and the science of aging. Senior Living Executive Conference recap and takeaways.
Space deadline: April 21
Materials deadline: May 30

Issue 4: The Workforce Issue
A review of industry turnover and retention metrics and a look at successful staff engagement and recognition programs. The 2017 Top Places to Work in Senior Living list will highlight top companies for the industry workforce.
Space deadline: June 21
Materials deadline: July 25

Issue 5: The Finance Issue
A look at how consumers are paying for senior living and long term care, as well as information on and instruments to combat financial abuse and scams targeting seniors. The 2017 Largest Providers List will highlight the biggest players in the senior living industry.
Space deadline: August 24
Materials deadline: September 28

Issue 6: The Innovation Issue
A feature of emerging ideas and innovations in arts programming, technology, and memory care, as well as a highlight on the 2017 Senior Living by Design Award winners.
Space deadline: October 20
Materials deadline: November 21



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