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Argentum is dedicated to providing the tools and resources to help those working across senior living reach their professional development goals.

Learn about training, credentialing, and certification opportunities for executive directors/administrators of senior living communities, as well as a program for community sales and marketing professionals.


Assisted Living Executive Director Certification Program

Senior Living Sales Counselor Certificate Program

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Argentum Member Workforce Survey

Senior Living Executive surveyed Argentum members to gather data on recruitment practices and retention of senior living professionals. We received over 200 responses, from predominantly management and senior-level positions, to inquiries relating to demographics, length of employment in senior living, employment in other industries, and projected desire to remain in senior living, among other questions.…


New Sales Counselor Certificate Program Aims to Elevate Sales Training for Senior Living Professionals

Argentum has launched a senior living sales counselor certificate program to build knowledge and competencies of senior living sales professionals. The certificate ensures participants will walk away with a complete understanding of the different service levels of senior living and be able to speak intelligently with prospective residents about options that best fit that individual’s…


White House Unveils Significant Healthcare Changes

President Trump made two key moves this week that will significantly affect the current state of healthcare in the United States. He issued an executive order with a goal of providing Americans and their employers with more affordable options in the healthcare marketplace, and said the administration will immediately stop funding for subsidy payments to…


What Motivates Employees More: Rewards or Punishments?

The 18th-century polymath Jeremy Bentham once wrote, “Pain and pleasure govern us in all we do, in all we say, in all we think.” Modern neuroscience strongly supports Bentham’s intuition. The brain’s limbic system, which is important for emotion and motivation, projects to the rest of the brain, influencing every aspect of our being, from…


Employers Can’t Ask About Salary History Any More. So, What Now?

Pay equity continues to be a hot topic: shareholder activist groups, politicians, and Hollywood stars are talking about it. For a number of companies, it’s deeply embedded in their external brand. Equal pay has been under the regulatory spotlight for a while now, and more states (and some cities) are upping the game with new…

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