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Argentum is dedicated to providing the tools and resources to help those working across senior living reach their professional development goals.

Learn about training, credentialing, and certification opportunities for executive directors/administrators of senior living communities, as well as a program for community sales and marketing professionals.


Assisted Living Executive Director Certification Program

Senior Living Sales Counselor Certificate Program


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While it’s necessary to pattern interrupt when employees are making mistakes, primarily spending time correcting their weaknesses is not an effective management strategy. In order to get the most out of their employees, organizations should take a much different approach. During his presentation at Argentum’s Senior Living Executive Conference in May, Marcus Buckingham—global researcher, best-selling…


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3 Dining Dialogues at the Hive: Staff Training, Best Practices in Quality, and Corporate Standards

Creating a happy, healthy dining experience for your senior communities takes more than quality ingredients and a qualified cook. It takes planning and effective communication from everyone from the corporate office to the new hire. The challenges of running an effective dining department will be the focus of three Hive discussions on Tuesday, May 15…


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