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Argentum National Logo Usage

The Argentum visual identity serves to support and maintain our brand promise. All visual elements of the brand come together holistically to create a unique and memorable impression. Precise and consistent presentation of the visual identity is essential to build our brand. These guidelines contain elements essential to our brand identity. Your commitment  to uphold these guidelines will enhance our communications and help ensure success in today’s competitive market.

Members and others who desire to use the Argentum national logo—and its related versions—in any non-Argentum printed or electronic document, must first seek permission from Argentum.

The Argentum logo consists of three elements—the icon, wordmark and tagline. The three elements of the logo may not be tampered with or used in any format other than the ones shown below. The primary logo pictured below is the preferred usage whenever possible. Never alter the positioning, orientation or relative scale of the logo.

The typeface for the wordmark and tagline is Proxima Nova. The primary colors in the primary logo are Argentum Gold (PMS 123), Argentum Navy (PMS 282), and Argentum Gray (90% Black).

Argentum Member Logo Usage

Argentum Members may use the Argentum Member trademark/logo on print advertisements in Senior Living Executive or in printed direct-mail pieces mailed to Argentum members. Argentum members may not use the Argentum Member trademark logo in non-Argentum advertising vehicles. When used in advertisements please use the logo at the minimum size and it must appear in the bottom left or right-hand corner of the advertisement.

Members in good standing may utilize the member logo corresponding to their level on marketing material.

Logo Minimum Size

In circumstances when the logo needs to be presented on a smaller scale, the minimum size to maintain legibility is 1.5” for print applications and 110 pixels for web usage. At this scale only, the tagline may be removed from the logo.

Revocation and Termination of Right to Use

The right to use the trademark shall terminate and be revoked upon the member’s failure to remain in good standing or in the event of misuse by the member as determined by Argentum. Upon such termination and revocation, the member will eliminate the use of the Argentum logo from all materials, products, and services, regardless of whether such materials, products, and services are preprinted or preexisting at that time. Legal action may be taken against anyone who uses the logo in violation of these terms.