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APPI | Energy Consultant and Purchasing Program

APPI Energy is the trusted energy consultant for Argentum, providing data-driven, holistic energy management services and custom solutions for members. APPI brings 25 years of experience, along with an extensive database of daily supplier prices, allowing them to provide you with historical and real-time data. As part of your Argentum membership benefit, APPI Energy is available to analyze your energy usage, evaluate your energy bill, deliver a green-apples-to-green-apples comparison of supplier prices and contracts, and negotiate a supply solution for you.

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"APPI Energy has extensive expertise in energy markets across the U.S., including familiarity with different utility rates and many reliable suppliers. Our consultant is always available to discuss the market and recommend cost-reducing solutions."

- Greg Stevens, President, Senior Lifechoice and Spring Hill Senior Living (MD/PA)

Benefits of the Argentum APPI Energy Business Service

Benefits to you include:

Operating on a foundation of data-driven consulting solutions, designed to help you save time, money, and minimize budgetary risk on the energy procurement process, APPI Energy is unbiased, working with only the most trusted, heavily-vetted suppliers. With independent advice, powered by real-time data and prices from suppliers with NO upfront cost or obligation, we encourage you to take advantage of this exciting program. Additionally, APPI Energy offers powerful and holistic energy management solutions to reduce demand, reduce costs, and increase sustainability. As a true extension of your team, APPI Energy provides holistic, tailored solutions that help you set and meet your energy goals while reducing overall energy costs.

To take advantage of this membership benefit program, contact Argentum’s dedicated Energy Consultant, Jamie Polend, at APPI Energy at 667-330-1158 or Learn more about APPI Energy at

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