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CRDL Signs Distribution Agreement With Eugeria, for North American Senior Living Communities and Nursing Homes


NEW ORLEANS, LA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2023/ — Crdl is proud to announce that through an international distribution agreement with Eugeria, the first units of Crdl will soon be available to senior living communities and nursing homes across the US.

Crdl (The Netherlands; is a patented Dutch AgeTech innovation that has received wide international acclaim and more recently won the Innovation Award in the Digital Health category at 2023 CES in Las Vegas.

Eugeria (US; distributes high-quality innovative and dignifying solutions for dementia. Used in senior living environments, technologies like CRDL improve quality of life of residents and increases staff work satisfaction.

“We offer Crdl since 2017 with great success to senior living communities in different European markets. We have countless testimonies from our existing clients about how Crdl helps create moments of meaningful connection between people with cognitive impairments and their loved ones. We’re beyond excited to start enabling similar heartfelt connexions in American senior living communities. We are pleased to have found in Eugeria a young and ambitious partner organization committed to improve the well-being of residents, regardless of the level of support they may need”, said Ger Schuivens, CEO of CRDL.

“We are very proud of this agreement since it allows us to fulfill the mission we gave ourselves when founding Eugeria, which is to innovate to improve the quality of life of seniors living with dementia”, said Valérie Larochelle, co-founder and CEO of Eugeria.

“Aging well is not just about medicine, but everything that influences a person’s well-being on a daily basis. CRDL will make a real impact in the lives of people with dementia, their families and the care personnel.”

In the summer of 2023, several senior living communities and nursing homes will benefit from Crdl.

Crdl and Eugeria will both participate at the upcoming Senior Living Executive Conference 2023 organised by Argentum, May 8th – 10th in New Orleans.

About Crdl

Crdl is an interactive device that enables a new form of non-verbal communication. It translates touch into sound, encouraging physical contact between people.

Crdl helps break down the barrier of social isolation for people who experience difficulty in communication or social interaction. These may include people suffering from dementia, autism, mental disabilities, or visual impairment, as well as their loved ones.

The interaction starts when two users each place one hand on the Crdl, establishing a physical connection between them. Through innovative technology, Crdl can distinguish different gestures in the formed circuit and convert them into sounds.

All participants have equal opportunities to initiate and influence the interaction, regardless of their cognitive abilities. The device can be used in one-to-one interactions, or in larger groups by adding more participants to the circuit.

Crdl has been manufactured and distributed internationally by CRDLT BV since 2017. It is currently in daily use in 1,500 senior living communities in Europe. Crdl received wide acclaim in The Netherlands when it was awarded the National Care Innovation Prize in 2018. It was also awarded the CES 2023 Innovation Award in the Digital Health category in January of this year in Las Vegas.

About Eugeria

Eugeria is a purpose-driven organization with a mission to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. It distributes innovative products from around the world that have been rigorously vetted by a healthcare professional team to significantly improve the well-being of caregivers, families, and, most importantly, older adults living with dementia. The portfolio of products is composed of leading innovations built to the highest quality standards, supported by scientific research, and designed with dignity for the user. Eugeria partners with senior living communities and nursing homes across the US to bring technologies like the CRDL into the lives of their residents.

For all enquiries and additional information requests:

Marie-Anne Bazerghi – Chief Growth and Innovation
+1 855-998-6837