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Dream Flights Seeks WWII Vets For an Autumn Adventure


A nationwide project is in motion to honor and celebrate veterans of WWII with free flights in vintage biplanes. Dubbed Operation September Freedom, the two-month barnstorming tour will take place this August and September across the United States.

The event is the brainchild of Darryl Fisher, founder and president of Dream Flights. The nonprofit has given free biplane rides to 4,242 veterans and seniors since it was founded in 2011. (Argentum is one of several corporate sponsors of the program.)

This special tour will be the first time that flights are dedicated to WWII veterans only. Fisher hopes to reach as many surviving veterans as possible to honor them and thank them for their service in this unique way.

“When you take the airplane and the pilot and the senior veteran and you connect those together and you go flying, it creates magic,” says Fisher, who is also a licensed commercial pilot and the president of Mission Senior Living.