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K4Connect Issues Quarterly Insights Report Surveying Provider Trends, Concerns


RALEIGH, N.C.—K4Connect released its second quarterly insights report today exploring key trends impacting resident safety, wellness and satisfaction in senior living. Over the past year, these topics have been increasingly top of mind for both residents and community leaders, and the new report reveals how technology is accelerating and supporting success in these areas. As senior living operators continue to navigate post-pandemic life in their communities, it is critical to understand and value the role technology can play in improving resident quality of life, augmenting staff challenges, and creating meaningful community experiences.

“Just like the communities that we serve, residents—whom we refer to as our members—are at the core of everything we do at K4Connect. The technology we provide must add value to their daily lives,” said K4Connect CEO and co-founder Scott Moody. “This quarter’s report recognizes areas where technology is providing a tremendous amount of value, at the same time, also revealing where operators can implement solutions to better meet the needs of their residents today and into the future.”

In the report, K4Connect Fall 2021 Insights Report: How Technology Accelerates and Supports Resident Safety, Wellness and Satisfaction, data and survey responses strongly point to technology as a way to strengthen safety measures in resident homes, increase community-wide visibility and team productivity for staff, and expand wellness offerings for residents. The report also explores how residents measure their personal satisfaction and happiness in a senior living community.

Report highlights include:

  • Resident safety remains a top priority for senior living community staff and the residents themselves. Technology is helping communities scale and improve resources that keep residents safe while saving staff time.
    • 80 percent of residents surveyed in communities with K4Community Resident Check-In feel safer and have increased peace of mind because this solution/technology is in place.
    • 73 percent of staff indicated that the K4Community Resident Check-In solution has contributed to increased safety and risk management in their community.
  • Falls remain a concern for residents and staff alike.
    • 59 percent of residents are somewhat to very concerned about falling, particularly during the night at 190 percent more of a concern than during the day.
    • The top three ways residents prevent fall accidents are exercise (such as general exercise classes, tai chi, walking), followed by physical therapy and smart lighting that can automatically illuminate dark pathways.
  • Senior living communities have an opportunity to better serve the holistic wellness needs of their residents by incorporating technologies that expand and increase access to wellness programs.
    • 86 percent of residents surveyed indicated their physical activity level to be somewhat to very active. However, three times as many residents indicated their physical activity level to be “somewhat active” vs. “very active”.
    • 82 percent of residents said that they believe living in a community reduces their level of loneliness with almost 50 percent saying it greatly reduces it.
  • Technology is a key facilitator of what residents claim to be top contributors to their personal satisfaction and happiness.
    • Residents indicated that having friendships and connections with others, feeling safe and a clean living environment are the top three contributors to their happiness in their community.
    • 94 percent of staff agreed that high resident satisfaction contributes to high occupancy rates.

This report includes usage and adoption trends of K4Connect’s premier senior living solution, K4Community, in addition to anonymous national survey responses from senior living communities representing diverse locations, sizes and care settings. Visit the website to download the full K4Connect Fall 2021 Insights Report: Technology Trends Driving Resident Safety, Wellness and Satisfaction.

About K4Connect

K4Connect is a mission-driven technology company that integrates the best in technology to serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, together with the people, communities and organizations that also serve them. We believe that meaningful technologies have the power to make the lives of older adults simpler, healthier, and happier. Our premier solution, K4Community, provides smart products and features that solve the challenges senior living residents and staff are facing today, focusing on the core categories of home, engagement and communication for residents, and productivity, services and data-driven insights for staff and operators. The entire experience is powered by our patented operating system built specifically for senior living, enabling our community partners to unlock the true value of enterprise data.

Based in Raleigh, N.C., K4Connect is currently serving thousands of senior living residents and staff at over 800 continuing care, independent living and assisted living communities across the nation. For more information, please visit