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Poll Sees Optimism Grow With Age

March 27, 2017

Also included: Too Much Experience to Be Hired? Some Older Americans Face Age Bias, The Future of Age-Friendly Care, Excess Sugar Intake Could Be the ‘Tipping Point’ for Alzheimer’s Disease, Celebrity Chef’s Husband Speaks on Living With Wife’s Alzheimer’s Says Study, Survey Finds 91 Percent of Retired Americans Say Social Security Benefits Should Not Be…

Newsletter Archive

New Tool Enables Quicker Health Assessments for Seniors

March 24, 2017

Also included: Telemedicine Saves Time, Travel Costs, Even Air Quality, New Study Finds, Weight-Bearing Exercise Reduces Risk of Osteoporosis in Men, Study Finds, New Guidance Recommends Moderate Exercise to Prevent Heart Attacks, Self-Driving Cars Could Offer Benefits to Seniors, Study Compares Hospice Care in Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities and Patient Homes

Newsletter Archive

New Survey Reveals Americans’ Fears About Aging

March 23, 2017

Also included: Baldwin, Capito Champion Bipartisan Reform to Improve Palliative and Hospice Care, Calcium Supplements Linked to Dementia Risk in Women With Certain Health Conditions, Autoimmune Disease Hospitalization Linked to Future Dementia Risk, Senior Financial Abuse Hurts Caregivers, Too, More Grandparents Than Ever

Newsletter Archive

Study Connects Genes to Late Onset Alzheimer’s in African-Americans

March 22, 2017

Also included: More Police Agencies Offer Phone Check-Ins for Seniors, New Intervention May Improve Hearing Aid Wear Time Among Older Adults, Genetic Test Can Tell Age a Person Is Likely to Develop Alzheimer’s, 63 Percent of Workers Say They Will Need Less Than $1 Million for Retirement

Newsletter Archive

Is 90 the New 80? Most 90-Somethings Feel Healthy

March 21, 2017

Also included: Supplemental Use of Vitamin E and Selenium Did Not Forestall Dementia, Study Finds, CMS Delays Expansion of Bundled Payment Programs, Willis Towers Watson Webcast To Cover Potential Impact of the ACHA on Employer-Sponsored Care

Newsletter Archive

End-of-Life Planning Talks Often Fail to Communicate Goals

March 20, 2017

Also included: Kentucky Litigation Reform Legislation Signed Into Law, Leadership Buy-In Important for Wellness Program Success, Many Seniors Age Without Support System, Why U.S. Communities Should Be Designing Parks for Older Adults, Prior Nonadherence, Addition of Insulin Therapy Increase Noncompliance Risk in Diabetes, Depression, In This Next Phase Of Health Reform, We Cannot Overlook Long Term Care

Newsletter Archive

Falls Are Taking a Huge and Rising Toll on Seniors’ Brains

March 17, 2017

Also included: Benefits for Caregivers Can Curb Healthcare Costs, Boost Productivity, Older Women on Statins at Greatly Increased Risk of Developing Diabetes, Rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Double Among Seniors, Research Shows, Survey Finds New Construction Gains in Assisted Living, Memory Care, MedPAC Recommends 5 Percent Payment Cut to Home Health Agencies, No Boost in…

Newsletter Archive

Research: How Incentive Pay Affects Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Trust

March 16, 2017

Also included: Senior Living Foodservice Gets an Upgrade, CMS to Launch National Campaign to Promote Coordinated-Care Program, Talking to Seniors About NSAIDs, Taking Dementia Residents Back in Time, Seema Verma Receives Confirmation as New CMS Administrator

Newsletter Archive

Why HR Managers Should Review Their HIPAA Procedures

March 15, 2017

Also included: The Surprising Benefits of Laughter Yoga, Florida Company Gets Investment for Wearable-Based Senior Monitoring Platform, Researchers Develop Dementia App to Inform Families, Patients, Are ‘Dementia Villages’ the Future of Care for People With Alzheimer’s?, Study Finds That Encouragement to Consult GPs for Memory Concerns Did Not Guarantee Earlier Dementia Diagnosis

Newsletter Archive

ACA Revision Would Hit Older Americans: CBO Analysis

March 14, 2017

Also included: Employers Grappling With Opioid Crisis, A Playbook for Managing Problems in Late Life, Researchers Develop New Solution for Living Independently: The ‘Empathetic Home’, 3 Robust Approaches to Dementia Care

Newsletter Archive

Many Have Trouble Navigating Medicare’s Complexities

March 13, 2017

Also included: Early Bird Registration for Argentum’s Senior Living Executive Conference Ends Friday, Why the Millions We Spend on Employee Engagement Buy Us So Little, Making the Connection: The Importance of a Senior Contact Center, Patient-Centered Care Models Enhance End-of-Life Cancer Care, Next Generation of Senior Care Could Be Robotic, Rapid Blood Pressure Drops in Middle Age Linked to Dementia…

Newsletter Archive

Led by Baby Boomers, Divorce Rates Climb for America’s 50+ Population

March 10, 2017

Also included: One Week Remains to Take Advantage of Early Bird Registration Rates for Argentum’s Senior Living Executive Conference, Study Finds Mortality of Older Adults Reduced With Medicare Part D, Seeking Intellectual Buzz, More Seniors Audit College Classes, IBM Wants to Protect Seniors with Artificially-Intelligent Sensors, Government Warns of Imposters Attempting to Scam Older Adults,  Law Aims to Protect Medicare…

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