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Morrison Living Announces New Name, Brand Reinvention, with More Customization in Dining and Hospitality


ATLANTA—Morrison Living, formerly known as Morrison Community Living, announces a brand evolution that is strengthening their commitment to all seniors actively aging today. The new branding for Morrison Living underscores that the senior living industry should be about providing more customization and personalization that enhances the lives of all their residents.

Morrison Living recognized that as a hospitality service provider and partner to senior living communities there is a need to evolve with the changing audience. “We will be seeing an influx of aging baby boomers that are making new decisions about where they want to spend their retirement years. We shouldn’t provide them with hospitality experiences that don’t match their needs, we need to be inclusive of all ages, incomes and levels of care,” said Barbara Conn, CEO of Morrison Living. “We are about customization and a brand reinvention that gives us the opportunity to ensure that today’s seniors have living choices that are exciting, innovative, and fresh.”

Dining experiences are the top factor when residents choose a community, so Morrison Living takes care to ensure that every detail from the best trained hospitality professionals to the newest trends in food and design, uniforms and china are tailored to the needs of the residents.  “Morrison Living has the capacity to increase occupancy in senior living communities because of their ability to build out award-winning teams and offer highly-skilled staff to increase the culinary experience.  We can give the residents exactly what they want instead of crafting a one-size fits all experience,” said Conn.

“The senior living industry is changing rapidly,” says Regan Medzhibzher, vice president of marketing and communications, Morrison Living. “Refreshing the brand is going to establish Morrison Living as a thought leader, ensuring innovation remains at the forefront, and establish consistency while planning for the customization that is essential to any successful senior living community.”

The company has created new culinary standards and is providing consistent delivery on quality, flavor and artistic presentation to every community. This includes a catering guide and menu templates to provide a standardized look and feel that will bring the highest quality to every community partner. Morrison Living has rolled out the new branding across its platforms, products and tools, with an updated website and a new logo.

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