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Argentum, in partnership with dBase Media, is producing a unique online video program that will shine a light on senior living communities across the country.

At a time when the national interest has been firmly focused on the safety of our loved ones, this video program will highlight the expertise and dedication of the senior living sector and its commitment to providing safety, dignity, and quality of life for the residents they serve.

About 70% of Americans will need some kind of long-term care after they turn 65. When the last of the baby boomers reach age 65 in 2029, they will represent more than 20% of the total U.S. population. Senior living services and products will see unprecedented demand in the coming decades; yet misconceptions about the role of senior living communities still exist. As such, this program will provide insight into the different types of senior living; capture the high standards of safety, workforce development, and care provided by senior living communities; and showcase the exceptional quality of life enjoyed by seniors across the country.

“Senior Living: Communities of Care” will also feature the ‘community behind the community’, sharing stories from the people and organizations that work tirelessly to ensure the generation that built the society we all thrive in today, can continue to thrive themselves.

“Senior Living: Communities of Care” will launch at the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference, September 13-15, 2021, in Phoenix, Ariz. The program will be hosted on the Argentum website, then be distributed and promoted through an omni-channel distribution campaign managed by dBase Media.

For further information and an opportunity to be included, please contact Max Smith at:

About dBase Media
dBase Media works with professional trade associations, U.S. Federal Government, and leading global corporate brands providing high resolution film production with a digital first communications strategy since 2001.  We deliver measurable outcome-based-accountability for all client engagements based on advance data insights across an omni-channel promotions and distribution network.  We leverage data mining, historical trends, and predictive analytics to distribute content across heavily consumed platforms such as CTV, YouTube, social media, mobile & desktop, broadcast TV.  We apply insights from data mining search engines, social media, site visits, geographic location (geofence), 3rd party sources and more.  Our robust multi-stack software platforms allow for precise message targeting and comprehensive reporting transparency for insights on ROI performance.


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