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Five Ways to Put a Mission Statement to Work

February 24, 2017

Are You on a Mission?  Caring for older adults certainly fits the definition of a mission—an important goal or purpose that involves a strong conviction, calling or vocation. That’s why a mission statement that clearly defines an organization’s goals can be so crucial to a community’s culture and success. The mission statement is often the…

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Implementing The Ritz-Carlton’s Gold Standard of Service Across Senior Living

February 24, 2017

Discovering how to provide the perfect customer service experience can start with a desire to move mountains, asking a simple question or recognizing that the only way to understand what someone needs is to ask. These senior living executives have done just that. Kensington Senior Living’s vice president Tanya Walker Wirth’s enthusiasm for providing the…

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Cultural Exchange

February 23, 2017

It’s often been said that “If you’ve seen one senior living community, you’ve seen one senior living community.” The uniqueness of the industry is its hallmark, and that’s true of company culture as well. Whether it’s a community outreach program that connects residents and staff with organizations and individuals in need, an employee recognition program…

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Building Design Knocks Down Walls in Senior Living

December 20, 2016

Simple designs, natural light and clear views of the majestic outdoors dominated this year’s Senior Living by Design winners. Communities increasingly are looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside and take residents closer to nature whether it’s providing virtual stargazing or encouraging residents to harvest their own herbs and vegetables to add to their…

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