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Memory Care: Predictive Tech Makes Strides

April 26, 2022

Most resident-monitoring technologies have features that are well-suited for memory care communities, but their overall system is more appropriate for residents without cognitive impairments. Dedicated memory care monitoring systems help to bridge that gap. “The need is so big, and the needs are so different,” says George Netscher, founder and CEO of SafelyYou. SafelyYou is…

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Public Health-Conscious Technology for Post-Pandemic Communities

April 20, 2022

SPONSORED CONTENT Anyone who has built or operated a senior living community in the last two years knows that things will never be the same for the industry after COVID-19. Here are some of the features that Griffin Living has built into our new Varenita community in Simi Valley that will not only prepare us…

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Robot ‘Waiters’ at Senior Living Dining Services Proving Helpful

March 13, 2022

By Tom Gresham When Lenbrook, a senior living community in Atlanta, partnered with Morrison Living to introduce a robot to provide support to dining services staff as part of a beta test, the community—naturally—named the robot “Lenny.” And Lenny the Robot immediately attracted attention from residents. “There was so much interest in seeing this little…

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Building The Future of Senior Living

May 5, 2021

The future needs for long-term care are daunting: By the end of the decade an additional 20 million Americans will be over age 65, and by 2060 nearly 95 million Americans will be age 65 or older. This aging population, especially those over 85 who are most in need of long-term care, is expected to…

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Managing Remote Work and Workers Demands New Skills, New Techniques

January 28, 2021

Senior living communities are a “high-touch” environment. Care just can’t be done from a safe remove. But among those who support the industry, from the software developers to accountants to scientists to digital sales experts, and more—those who can work remotely are being encouraged to do so. And this sets up an entirely different set…

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AI Solutions Are Transforming Every Aspect of Senior Living

January 28, 2021

As artificial intelligence solutions grow both more sophisticated and prominent, they increasingly are not only taking root in people’s daily lives but growing in influence in how industries operate. Senior living is no exception. In fact, AI is taking on a more impactful part in an array of roles for senior living operations—from staffing and…

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Making Change a Positive

January 28, 2021

At the beginning of 2020, Merrill Gardens was excited and hard at work on a new opportunity: Its new brand for a moderate-priced model. “And then COVID hit,” writes Merrill Gardens president Tana Gall, in an email interview. “Like a lot of operators, at Merrill we went into all-hands-on-deck mode to support our communities as…

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