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Earn Your Sales Counselor Certificate: 3 Reasons This Training is Right for You


The senior living industry is growing rapidly and has an ongoing demand for workers. Sales professionals are no exception. Combine that growth with a desirable working environment and possibilities for advancement, and you’ll find salespeople from other industries exploring careers in senior living.

That’s one reason Jason Rock, vice president – senior director of sales for Allegro Senior Living, looks to the Argentum Senior Living Sales Counselor Certificate program. The series of online training followed by a one-hour exam streamlines onboarding and training.

“It allows for a faster learning curve with a new hire that comes from outside of the health care industry,” he says. “The audio, visual, and testing portion of the program ensure foundational understanding of consultative sales, marketing, and industry terms.”

So why is this training right for you?

1) Better serve your prospects

Senior living sales professionals take the word “counselor” seriously—it involves more than making a sale. “My goal is to help [prospective residents] navigate through the journey of finding the right place,” says Penny Burklin, senior care counselor at Arbor Terrace of Johns Creek, an Arbor Company community, who has taken the courses and passed the test.

Senior living sales counseling even has a different vocabulary, one Burklin calls “focused on the heart,” which emphasizes sensitivity to needs and development of trust. Metrics and goals are different, as well.

Burklin feels the training boosted her confidence in knowing how to take the right action in her counselor role, particularly when it comes to turning a difficult situation into a successful one.

2) Invest in a sales refresher

Because course content was developed in coordination with the Argentum Sales & Marketing Executive Roundtable, it’s a direct line to the specifics top senior living companies look for in hiring.

Anthony Ormsbee-Hale is vice president of people operations at Civitas Senior Living, yet he took the course to stay up-to-date. “It was a great refresher on the sales process for me, as I had been outside of a direct sales role for several years,” says Ormsbee-Hale. “I also valued the industry recognition and weight of the Argentum brand.”

3) Be a team player

Those working outside sales see benefits, too. “Companies can no longer continue to operate in silos,” says Ormsbee-Hale. “At Civitas, we believe that every employee is a member of the sales team, and this training helps provide the basic, fundamental knowledge needed for an industry professional to support census development.”

Bottom line, Rock says: The course provides “tools and understanding of selling activities, marketing approaches, and industry information that help drive revenue”—and positions counselors to help families at the same time.