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Six Concepts for Choosing Effective BI Software

Selecting the right business intelligence solution is no easy task. Senior living operators need BI technology that’s built to provide a broad range of KPIs — with tools that fit the exact needs of their portfolio. Fortunately, this ebook offers six concepts to help operators like you. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a BI solution.


Boosting Staff Morale During the Pandemic

During COVID-19, community staff can have pronounced feelings towards their employer such as anger, resentment and lack of support. And these emotions can add to the pressures they’re already experiencing, especially in communities that are short-staffed. To help improve employee satisfaction during the pandemic, find out the proactive steps you can take to alleviate worker frustration through this short resource “Boosting Staff Morale during the Pandemic.”


How to Avoid the Costs of Deferred Maintenance

With equipment lead times at an all-time high and buildings having to operate on a day-by-day basis during a lengthy pandemic, it’s no secret that various maintenance projects have had temporary fixes and been swept under the rug. However, the costs and consequences of these practices can range from steep monetary fines to emergency evacuations. Access top tips to avoid the costs of differed maintenance in this article by Direct Supply.


Safe, Breathable Air – The Long Term Playbook

Airborne virus transmission and the everyday risks of poor indoor air quality caused by air pollution are likely to remain serious health concerns for a long time to come. As many questions remain on how to address the air we breathe properly, you will need a long-term plan to maintain healthy air quality for your staff and LTC community. Access our resource for an overview of best practices, the challenges, and ongoing concerns.


Top Cost-Saving Trends for Senior Living Communities

It’s possible to reduce waste and operational inefficiency without cutting into quality of services for your residents. Download the Entegra guide to cost savings for top insights into smarter operational and purchasing practices, according to nationwide senior living trends. This guide is the perfect starting place for communities looking to shore up business performance and prepare for future success.


Increase Senior Living Occupancy with a Stable Frontline Staff

Touching on examples from other industries, this paper makes the case for how data and analytics can be harnessed to identify staff who will thrive in your community in the long term. Using predictive analytics to enhance good hiring decisions that match people to specific roles, departments, and communities is critical to successfully executing a range of business outcomes, including consistently high occupancy rates in your senior living communities.


Willis Towers Watson Senior Living Center of Excellence: Risk Management Training Video Library

Willis Towers Watson’s Senior Living Center of Excellence has created a series of customized videos demonstrating practical tools and techniques that reinforce a culture of safety within your communities. These videos have been developed by our senior living team of experts, including a certified safety professional, registered nurse, occupational therapist and physical therapist assistant. Our library of topics have been developed specifically for senior living and provides a powerful coaching tool for your communities.


Why Your Community Needs Flu Vaccines

Seniors age 65 and older are at a higher risk from the flu because of a weaker immune system and chronic conditions that increase their susceptibility. To help protect residents against the flu virus, the CDC recommends a vaccination every season. While the primary prevention is a flu shot, there are also other steps communities and residents can take to reduce the likelihood of contracting the flu and experiencing the serious consequences it can cause. Find out what your community can do to help keep your seniors safe with this easy to read eGuide, “Why Your Community Needs Flu Vaccinations.”


Discover an Alternative to 911 for Your Residents – Trusted by 100s of Senior Communities

Calling 911 in urgent but not-life threatening circumstances can be a costly and inconvenient option for senior living organizations. Luckily, it’s not the only option. Learn about the benefits of same-day complex healthcare delivered directly to the patient. In this DispatchHealth webinar, learn what can be treated, how it helps your community, and how healthcare access to seniors is being improved.


Survey Report: Needs, Wants & Challenges of Senior Care Employees

OnShift conducted a survey to better understand the challenges, needs, wants and experiences of employees in senior care. More than 2,800 employees offered their perspectives into stress and burnout levels, satisfaction ratings and their outlook on the future.


Guide: How Home Health Professionals Can Automate Expense Reports

Home care providers have a lot of expenses, spending company dollars on everything from buying gas to purchasing medical equipment. Such a wide variety of expenses from a multitude of employees make end-of-month expense reports a massive headache. Learn how you can utilize existing technology to automate expense reports and save massive amounts of time in our free report “How to Automate Expense Reports.” Key takeaways include the value of real-time reporting, free technology to automate expense reports, and streamlining financial closes


How Positive Thinking Benefits Clinicians and Their Patients

The attitude clinicians bring into therapy sessions is contagious. Learn why and how positive thinking can improve your older patients’ overall wellness.


Streamlining Resident Care

For nurses and other senior care staff, having an efficient recordkeeping system is essential. A full-service electronic health record solution helps senior living communities save time, improve communication, and focus on resident care. Which solutions make the difference? This case study explores how one senior living provider streamlined care with Yardi EHR — enabling staff to put residents first.


Bridging the Loneliness Gap

A lack of quality opportunities for socialization is an ongoing issue for senior living residents. In an increasingly competitive market, it will be critical for senior living communities to solve for meaningful socialization to attract new residents and maintain occupancy. Read iN2L’s report to discover how resident and family satisfaction levels have changed during the pandemic, reasons family members would not recommend a community, and steps to create personalized engagement and a better resident experience.


Top 2021 Trends That Will Transform Senior Living

COVID-19 exposed numerous vulnerabilities in senior care and assisted living operating models, making it harder for facilities to manage scheduling, fill unexpected staffing gaps, manage overtime, and control the spread of germs. For better or worse, this experience has caused an explosion in technology advancements that are set to transform the senior living industry in 2021. Download this comprehensive report to learn how your organization can leverage technology and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.


Improving Indoor Air Quality Beyond COVID

Learn more about the importance of indoor air quality in senior living and how you can make critical infrastructure improvements to minimize the risk of infections in your environments. Our experts will discuss why indoor air quality matters, what funding we’ve seen available from state governments, and which improvements we recommend and why.


The New Business Case for Engagement Technology in Senior Living

Before the pandemic, engagement technology was one of the most undervalued assets in senior living communities. However, a new business case has emerged that calls for integrating engagement technology into every facet of resident life and using it to deliver business value in other critical areas. Download The New Business Case for Engagement Technology in Senior Living and start creating the strategy your community needs to fully realize the benefits of engagement technology.


Cost-Saving Solutions for Compliant Medication Disposal in Long-Term Care Communities

Over the last year, COVID-19 has seriously affected many long-term care (LTC) communities. One significant challenge has been the increasing price of medication disposal, which leaves LTCs scrambling to find cost savings anywhere they can. Although many believe that more regulatory compliance requirements mean extra medication disposal expenses, that’s incorrect. In fact, evidence shows that increased regulation offers significant cost-savings opportunities. This white paper discusses how proper medication disposal can save your communities money..


How Senior Living Directors Can Reduce Social Isolation Among Residents

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting and life returning to “normal,” what lessons have we learned about how to best keep older adults connected when the unimaginable happens? Since the onset of COVID-19, older adults experienced loneliness and social isolation more than ever, causing a detrimental impact on their physical and mental well-being. How can this be prevented in the future? With clear strategies senior living operators can implement to counteract the negative effects of isolation.


Capturing Quality Leads

For senior living providers, implementing a thoughtful CRM program is key to setting your community apart — and engaging quality leads. How can you incorporate CRM technology in your sales and marketing approach? This ebook discusses how RENTCafé Senior CRM captures data to help senior living providers gain visibility, create positive relationships, increase efficiencies and more.


Thinking Traps: How to Help Residents Escape

As people age, many seniors experience “thinking traps.” These thought patterns can distort how they see situations – leading to potentially unproductive emotions or actions. To help residents better able to handle issues that arise, your community can help them break free of thinking traps. Now is the time to learn the steps to fuel positive thinking for a healthy living environment.


Guide to Energy Savings for Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living

Learn how your organization can benefit from advances in energy efficiency without spending your own time or money, and without taking on project risk. “Energy Efficiency as a Service” providers (EEaaS) make it easy to go green for your community, your staff, and the people you care for. And it provides a real boost to your bottom line. Discover a new service that can cut your carbon footprint AND deliver guaranteed savings from day one.


Can Data Analytics Help Reduce Worker Turnover?

To thrive post-pandemic, you need a strong community of team members. As you review various approaches to increasing retention and strengthening your workforce, consider leveraging data science to achieve these results. Data analytics is part of a sophisticated range of techniques that analyzes the outcomes that businesses wish to optimize – retention, engagement, and more. Learn what AI + Data Analytics can do for your organization when applied correctly and intelligently.


Stop Losing Residents to Avoidable Hospitalizations

Calling 911 in urgent but not-life threatening circumstances can be a costly and inconvenient option for senior living and home health situations. Luckily, it’s not the only option. Learn about the benefits of same-day complex healthcare delivered directly to the patient. In this DispatchHealth webinar, we will discuss what can be treated, how it can help your community, and how we are advancing healthcare access to seniors.


Making the Business Case for Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing can improve time-to-fill by 39%. Download this free guide by HealthcareSource to understand the ROI of recruitment marketing in healthcare and how to incorporate it into your overall hiring strategy.


2021 Insurance Marketplace Realities Spring Update for Senior Living

Although the reduction in available senior care liability capacity in 2020 has subsided, premium rates, program structures, and terms and conditions continue to be impacted by the lack of insurers participating in this sector. Our detailed report on the insurance marketplace explores these changes in-depth for the senior living and long-term care industry.


Anger: A Guide to Resident Coping

Anger is a normal human emotion. But when seniors experience sustained anger, they may suffer a range of negative consequences to their health. While it is challenging to eliminate the sources of chronic anger for seniors, it is more important to help your residents cope with these feelings in order to improve their quality of life. Now is the time to learn the 8 steps that you can take to support your residents’ mental well-being.


Reimagine Senior Living with Integrated Technology

Today’s senior living communities must be able to quickly adjust processes and service concepts to meet rapidly changing requirements, all while providing a safe, comforting environment. CBORD’s informative guide offers insights into how technology can help senior living communities improve resident safety and satisfaction while providing operational efficiencies that save money, drive revenue, and improve the community experience. Learn the benefits of creating a modern, cashless community and strategies for improving your financial performance.


Using Technology as Part of a Multifactorial Approach to Falls

The impact of artificial intelligence with on-site therapy is significantly reducing falls in senior living. Each year one in four seniors fall and 15% – 20% of those falls result in an injury. Research has long warned that resident falls are the leading cause for a shorter length of stay in senior living. This article discusses how on-site therapy services is utilizing artificial intelligence to prevent falls and record 95% objective improvements through assessing and treating gait, balance and function.


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