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Are You Prepared for the Telehealth Shift?

Engage in a collection of ebooks as part of a collection of thought Resources, hosted online by PharMerica.

This short resource, “Are you Prepared for the Telehealth Shift,” provides insights on the ways you could support telemedicine in your community and can help improve the health and happiness of residents through the power of telehealth.


BEST PRACTICES for Foodservice Operations in Healthcare and Senior Living Settings

Infection Control COVID-19 Precautions: Best Practices for Foodservice Operations
We know the health, well-being and safety of your residents and team members is your highest priority. During these uncertain times, this resource from Gordon Food Service is intended to provide sound, evidence-based information regarding infection control-related best practices in healthcare and senior living foodservice settings.


Heart Matters – Take Health to Heart

This short resource, “Heart Matters – Take Health to Heart”, provides insights on the top ways your community can help individuals adopt heart-healthy behaviors for a better quality of life.

Engage in a collection of thought leadership Resources housed online, hosted by PharMerica.


Senior Living: Decreased Hospitalizations, Increased Length Of Stay, And You

The World Health Organization, in the World Report of Ageing and Health, describes the maintenance of functional ability as the most important physical attribute for successful population aging.  In this article from FOX Rehabilitation, you’ll learn how to directly impact the functional wellness of your residents by facilitating access to outpatient rehabilitation and wellness in the comfort of your community.


10 TIPS for Healthy Eating

This short e-Book, “10 TIPS for Healthy Eating”, provides insights to improve community offerings that help optimize resident health.


Feature Your Content to 20,000+ Industry Professionals

Have research you want to share? A white paper advancing thought leadership? Recorded webinar? Learn more about how your company's resource can be featured through the Senior Living Resource Spotlight. Contact Katherine Madison,, 571-527-2625.


Wellness is Assisted Living’s Prescription for Keeping Residents Healthy

Learn is a collection of thought leadership articles housed online, hosted by PharMerica. This article, “Wellness is Assisted Living’s Prescription for Keeping Residents Healthy,” focuses on the health and well-being of seniors and their particular needs for enhancing the quality of their lives.


Are You Inviting Pests Into Your Community?

The smallest pests can often cause the biggest problems, and long-term care communities can be pest attractants and hot spots. Don’t take a chance when it comes to pests like bed bugs, flies, and mosquitoes.

Learn how to pest-proof your community from the outside in. In this 40-minute webinar, Glen Ramsey, Technical Services Manager at Orkin, will walk you through how to effectively manage pests and establish a long-term program to help prevent them – putting your residents, visitors, and staff at ease.


Convert Leads with Marketing Automation

According to Forbes, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more high quality leads at 33% lower cost. Fostering leads requires around-the-clock responsiveness, but you don’t operate a 24-hour leasing office. Marketing automation bridges the gap.

Marketing automation streamlines repetitive tasks, tracks prospect behavior, and engages customers with targeted content. Features like timed lease renewal notifications and intelligent text response facilitate resident loyalty.

Learn how to supercharge your marketing with greater efficiency that saves you time and money.



ProfitSword – Senior Living Data Management White Paper

Building a path to profitability and efficiency for the senior living industry in the age of mass data and analytics.





Insurance Marketplace Realities 2019 Spring Update: Senior living and long-term care

Explore the factors creating emerging risks in 2019 for the senior living industry. View the latest rate forecast and trends in our report. Willis Towers Watson recently hosted a webinar that featured a panel of speakers who shared their perspectives on the hardening marketplace. We discussed the dynamics driving emerging risks in senior living and strategies to address these challenges. Contact for a copy of the presentation and recorded webinar.



CRM Aids Strategic Decision-Making

Did you know that baby boomers spend more time on the internet than millennials? About 31 percent of baby boomers use mobile devices more than 15 hours per week. CRM optimizes that screen time to your advantage. It captures and stores qualitative and quantitative data in one place. Use the data to tailor your marketing messages and target advertising spend to reach high-converting prospects. Long term, CRM promotes better reviews and referrals through an improved customer experience.


Feature Your Content to 20,000+ Industry Professionals

Have research you want to share? A white paper advancing thought leadership? Recorded webinar? Learn more about how your company's resource can be featured through the Senior Living Resource Spotlight. Contact Katherine Madison,, 571-527-2625.

Trilogy Advances Quality Care and Reduces Costs with SmartLinx

When Trilogy Health Services wanted to advance the quality of care at its assisted living, skilled nursing, and dementia care services, they turned to SmartLinx. Learn how the integrated workforce management system transformed how Trilogy handles scheduling, attendance, and more for its 110 communities. In addition to getting enterprise-wide access to live scheduling and attendance data, the senior living provider is leveraging real-time data to inform business decisions, reduce costs, and improve patient care.


Continence Care Bundles to Enhance Resident Care, Service and Satisfaction

Nearly 40% of assisted living residents experience incontinence. At most communities, residents & their families are responsible for providing incontinence products. Inevitably, products run out unexpectedly, leaving caregivers & residents with no other option than to wear products that don’t suit their needs or size.

Benchmark was experiencing this challenge firsthand. They partnered with Medline to develop customized “Continence Care Bundles” for each resident. Access the Benchmark case study to learn how you can create resident-specific bundles to improve continence care!




Provide Quality Care, Reduce Litigation Risks

Per the FDA, medication errors harm 1.3 million people each year. Medication-related adverse drug events (ADEs) are the third leading cause of death in America and a $200 billion per year expense for care providers.

Monitoring systems can help reduce ADEs by up to 95%. Technology solutions like Yardi EHR and Yardi eMAR provide senior living communities with innovative point-of-care charting and streamlined medication management, resulting in better care for residents and reducing exposure to litigation.



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