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5 Advantages of CRM Software For Senior Living

As the aging population continues to grow, more will be searching for adequate senior housing opportunities to fit their needs. That means senior living operators will require effective methods to attract prospects, nurture leads and retain residents as demand grows and competition heightens. Customer relationship management (CRM) software built for senior living is key — and this ebook shows you why. Read on to learn five advantages of CRM technology in senior living.


Process, Training and Technology: The Keys to Preventing Medication Errors in Assisted Living

An estimated 800,000 preventable medication-related injuries occur each year in U.S. LTC communities. Most often triggered by human mistakes, these errors can seriously harm residents and often pose a significant economic burden for operators. In this guide, you will learn how by standardizing processes, providing ongoing staff education and training and using the latest technology, assisted living leaders and staff can identify and catch errors before they happen, minimizing resident and community risk.




2022 General and Professional Liability Benchmark Report for Senior Living and Long-Term Care Providers

Gain insight into claims trends impacting senior living and long-term care providers. The largest study of its kind, the 2022 General and Professional Liability Benchmark Report looks at nearly 11,000 closed claims, featuring separate analysis for senior living and long-term care providers. The report:
•  Analyzes claims frequency, severity, and loss rates
•  Compares indemnity costs to expense costs
•  Reveals the leading causes of loss for providers
•  Forecasts 2023 experience


Do You Know How to Assess Your ESG Program?

Everyone’s talking about ESG, but what does it mean for senior living and long-term care owners and operators? From climate change to attracting workforce to protecting resident data, providers face a host of risks ― all of which can challenge a community’s resiliency. Do you have a gauge for where your company’s ESG program stands? Take Marsh’s ESG Pulse Check to find out. Results are immediate, along with personalized recommendations on how to improve.


How Does Cascadia Build Success with BI?

For healthcare finance professionals, finding ways to adopt more and more digitization like telehealth or patient care portals is a top priority, especially as organizations are moving from manual and tedious processes to streamlining their processes. Join the on-demand webinar to learn how to improve your overall workday and transform your AP team from a cost center to a profit center for improved cash management and streamlined workflows.



How to Bring Your Community to Life

A community that thrives is one that functions as a team—patients, staff, and clinicians alike. Patients can get a good recharge by having regular outings, which not only provides exercise but is also a great way for them to socialize and engage with their local community. Patients can also benefit from access to regular exercise classes and wellness programs, which establish healthy routines and create physiological change. Within senior living communities, personnel and staff should be supported as well. Small gestures can go a long way, especially when considering one’s work-life balance.


Listen to Gain New Risk Insights

Marsh’s podcast, Risk Insights: Senior Living & LTC, offers fresh perspectives on trends affecting the senior living and long-term care industry. Every month, host Tara Clayton sits down with experienced professionals and industry advocates from across the sector for an in-depth examination of today’s most pressing industry issues and the resulting risks impacting owners and operators. Available on or by subscription on your preferred podcast platform.


2022 WTW Senior Living Risk Management Symposium Recordings and Materials

The WTW Senior Living Center of Excellence prides itself on providing expert and enriching content to the senior living industry. We invite you to view a variety of audio recordings from our 2022 WTW Senior Living Risk Management Symposium, as well as speaker information and supporting materials.


A New Wellness Model for Today’s Consumers

At a time when virtually everything around us can be customized, shouldn’t your wellness plan? The new Person-Centric Wellness Model, back by Mather Institute’s research, provides a guiding philosophy for anyone committed to promoting individualized wellness. Providers can use this next-generation approach to empower residents to choose the types of fulfillment that match their aspirations, resulting in compelling wellness offerings for today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.


Your Guide to Selecting Senior Living Furniture

In a Senior Living community, furniture needs to do more than just look great from across the room. Key factors including overall dimensions, firmness and support, frame strength and durability, cleanability, ease of ingress/egress and more will all have a daily impact on your seniors. Discover everything you need to know about selecting senior-friendly furniture in our new 2022 Senior Living Furniture Guide, available now as a free download.


How BI Tools Elevate Senior Living Communities

Business intelligence software helps senior housing operators unlock data across their business — including at the community level — enabling strong decision making as a result. With an integrated solution, operators tap in to increased benefits like meaningful insights, trends and more. This white paper details how. Keep reading to see how BI tools drive success.


COVID 19: Claims, Court Decisions, and Business Interruption for Senior Living

As claims begin to surface, it is apparent that senior living operators are experiencing claims related to COVID-19 from many fronts. In addition to senior living operators receiving allegations of negligence, operators are now filing claims due to the overwhelming business interruption effect that COVID-19 had on the industry.


Emerging Role of Risk Management in Senior Living and Skilled Nursing

The article will provide insight on the emerging role of the risk manager. Senior living communities who are committed to a culture of safety and sound risk management processes will experience fewer lawsuits, fewer claims, improved clinical performance, improved employee morale, and resident satisfaction measures. The risk manager’s role is a top priority for senior living providers to effectively manage and mitigate risk exposures in all senior living levels of care.


How to Lean on Your Partners to Improve Quality Care

Treating a patient is more than just having someone participate in an assigned exercise or complete a list of movements on a checklist. The best results come when clinicians engage patients in meaningful activities that truly motivate them to reach their potential. To fully understand a patient’s perspective, senior living communities and clinicians must openly communicate with their families, friends, and caregivers to make sure that residents have all the resources they need to succeed. FOX Rehabilitation explains how creative approaches can lead to expanding care in your community.


Case Study: How Cascade Senior Living Services Helps Residents ‘Age in Place’

When Chad Solvie began operating three senior communities in Washington, his biggest challenge was ensuring consistent, quality care. Read how Optum has delivered that and more, transforming the lives of residents while providing both staff and families a much-needed clinical backstop. Solvie calls the program the “good glue” that keeps whole patient care on track. And that, he says, translates to happier residents and happier staff.


Gain Risk Insights in Senior Living & Long-Term Care

Marsh’s Senior Living & LTC Industry Practice podcast, Risk Insights: Senior Living & LTC, offers fresh perspectives on trends affecting the senior living and long-term care industry. Every month, host Tara Clayton sits down with experienced professionals and industry advocates from across the sector for an in-depth examination of some of today’s most pressing industry issues and the resulting risks impacting owners and operators. Available on or by subscription on your preferred podcast platform.


Why Assisted Living Communities Should Prioritize Resident Pharmacy Adoption

The staffing environment is challenging providers like never before, leading many to implement technology solutions to ease the burden. This includes electronic health records (EHRs) and medication management tools built to drive operational efficiencies, save time and improve resident care. Read this ebook to discover four key areas in which providers are using technology to support their staff and residents in today’s landscape.


Why Assisted Living Communities Should Prioritize Resident Pharmacy Adoption

As a new era of care for senior living providers begins, ensuring residents embrace your partner pharmacy is one of the best solutions to help increase staff retention, safety, efficiency and coordination of care. This guide will underscore why pharmacy adoption is vital and share the important benefits communities realize when residents select your partner pharmacy


Managing Care to Counter the Rise in Chronic Conditions

Three-fourths of senior living residents struggle with at least two chronic conditions, and experts warn of a looming rise in death and disability from chronic but often preventable disease. Learn how the Optum care model can help defragment your residents’ care and treat the “whole person” to keep seniors healthy and in their communities longer.


Recruiting in Senior Living: How to Grow Your Business

In senior living, your reputation is everything. It connects to all aspects of your business—your ability to find new hires, hold onto your employees, create a community where residents want to stay, and drive business growth. In this guide, we explore ways to improve your business’s reputation and grow your facility’s recruiting and retention strategy for sustainable business growth.


The Senior Care Staffing Crisis: Can Technology Provide Relief?

Download this white paper to unpack the factors fueling the senior care staffing crisis and explore how senior care organizations can implement operational efficiencies to make the most of their resources.


10 HR Challenges Facing Senior Living Communities (and How to Tackle Them)

Finding and retaining qualified staff is just one of the many challenges you face as a senior living leader. You may also be dealing with the rising cost of health benefits, sustaining employee motivation and engagement, and a myriad of other HR issues. With this in mind, mastering your HR challenges is likely a high priority for your business to drive employee retention, quality service, and business growth. In this white paper, we have outlined the top 10 HR challenges you may be facing within the senior living industry and what you need to consider as you look to the future.


7 Ways Automation Can Improve Workday for Healthcare Professionals

For healthcare finance professionals, finding ways to adopt more and more digitization like telehealth or patient care portals is a top priority, especially as organizations are moving from manual and tedious processes to streamlining their processes. Join the on-demand webinar to learn how to improve your overall workday and transform your AP team from a cost center to a profit center for improved cash management and streamlined workflows.


Allegations of Abuse Readiness Program

WTW’s Senior Living Center of Excellence has created an Allegations of Abuse Readiness Program, delivering a comprehensive toolkit designed to help senior living communities and providers in general health care settings plan for, respond to, and recover from allegations of abuse. This toolkit includes an educational webinar, sample checklists, guides and procedure documents.


Stand Out – Actionable Ways to Differentiate Your Community

Senior Living is more competitive than ever, and occupancy rates are a top priority. With the aging population growing and the abundance of options for living, differentiating your community is a must. Retention improves when you leverage your partners and truly listen to the needs of prospective and current residents, along with tailoring marketing specific to the health of your targeted population. Bottom line, sell what you do best and incorporate that info the culture of your community.


Quality of Life in Assisted Living Communities: The Industry’s Next Big Shift

Assisted living communities are more than medical solutions. Residents want belonging, social bonds, and real meaning. To stay afloat, operators must adapt.


Effects of Indoor Air Quality – Free and On-Demand Webinar from Direct Supply

Learn about the effect of IAQ on your residents, staff, and business outcomes in Direct Supply’s recent webinar – Indoor Air Quality: Vital for Operational Efficiency, Infection Control, and Clinical Outcomes in Long Term Care. Hear from the experts about ways you can identify, monitor, and improve poor IAQ in your community to help avoid the costly spread of infectious disease and promote health and wellness in residents and staff alike.


4 Reasons Seniors Are Embracing Tech

Since the onset of the pandemic, seniors have grown more receptive to technology. From communicating with friends and family, participating in telehealth, consuming entertainment and so much more, tech has become a necessity for seniors during the pandemic. Read on to learn more about this new era of tech-savvy seniors, plus the tech that senior living centers should consider if they want to stay ahead of the curve.



Optimizing Your Sales Cycle

To nurture leads effectively in today’s landscape, senior living operators need well-designed CRM technology. Ready to set your communities apart with a thoughtful CRM program? This ebook explores seven ways solutions like RentCafe Senior CRM help you engage new leads — and improve sales conversions.


How LTC Pharmacies Can Be a Crucial Safety Net for Assisted Living Communities

Every day assisted living communities are confronting the challenges of a resident population ever increasing in average age and care needs while simultaneously facing dire staffing issues and its consequences on delivering optimal care. Though these issues cannot be fully abated by a long-term care (LTC) pharmacy, a comprehensive pharmacy partner can provide a vital safety net to lessen many of the hurdles ALF staff must clear to ensure they are providing the enhanced services required by residents


Senior Living Marketing: Strategies for Each Purchase Journey

Every senior living search is unique, from the individuals involved in the search process to the reason a senior is moving. Successfully connecting with this audience requires senior living marketers to consider a variety of factors. Conversion Logix has leveraged its experience working with hundreds of senior living clients to help tailor your marketing strategy to increase leads, tours, and move-ins at each stage of the journey. Download our marketing guide detailing buyers’ personas and successful strategies!


Preventing Falls in Senior Care: 10 Top Insights from Analyzing 30,000 Falls

Get the most impactful insights for fall prevention from analyzing 30,000 falls. Prevent falls in senior care with the knowledge of SafelyYou fall experts—including RNs, occupational therapists, and clinical success managers—who help implement successful interventions every day. And move direct care staff from a role of reaction to risk mitigation in fall management, while emphasizing the importance of personalized engagement.


Long COVID: Post- Acute SARS COV2 (PASC) Employer Considerations

When symptoms continue well beyond the expected three-to-five-week recovery period, it is generally defined as long-haul COVID-19. Employers should be aware of the facts surrounding long COVID and not dismiss or discriminate against employees with long COVID. The WTW Senior Living Center of Excellence has prepared a document outlining the facts of long-haul COVID-19 and five things employers can do to support long-haul COVID survivors.


Strong Partnerships Strengthen Your Workforce and Improve Retention

Caregiver turnover is a major issue across the senior living industry, and to some degree, inevitable. Strong partnerships can help. Retention improves when communities have happy, well-trained caregivers.




Six Concepts for Choosing Effective BI Software

Selecting the right business intelligence solution is no easy task. Senior living operators need BI technology that’s built to provide a broad range of KPIs — with tools that fit the exact needs of their portfolio. Fortunately, this ebook offers six concepts to help operators like you. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a BI solution.


How to Manage Supply Chain and Labor Shortages in 2022

Inventory, hiring, and retention have been disrupted — but with 19 insights from Entegra’s senior living experts, managers and operators can surge to success. Download this new guide for actionable tips to keep your community resilient and ready for the future.




WTW Senior Living Center of Excellence Webinar Recording: Senior Living 2022 Playbook – New Year Risk Mitigation to Secure the Win

The pandemic continues to test the senior living industry’s resilience plans, resulting in the need for operators to rewrite their organization’s playbook to survive during unforeseen circumstances brought on by the pandemic. This webinar recording, provided by WTW’s Senior Living Center of Excellence, provides owners and operators insight into risk management strategies and new year risk management activities that will enhance your community’s playbook and set operational priorities for 2022.


Improving Indoor Air Quality Beyond COVID

Learn more about the importance of indoor air quality in senior living and how you can make critical infrastructure improvements to minimize the risk of infections in your environments. Our experts will discuss why indoor air quality matters, what funding we’ve seen available from state governments, and which improvements we recommend and why.


Top Cost-Saving Trends for Senior Living Communities

It’s possible to reduce waste and operational inefficiency without cutting into quality of services for your residents. Download the Entegra guide to cost savings for top insights into smarter operational and purchasing practices, according to nationwide senior living trends. This guide is the perfect starting place for communities looking to shore up business performance and prepare for future success.