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The Change Issue

How to anticipate it, manage it, learn from it, and learn to like it

We’re coming from a year of pivots, leaps, and turnarounds—and it looks like more of the same for 2021. The January/February issue of Senior Living Executive magazine looks at lessons learned and taps expert industry knowledge on managing workplace change, resident transitions, and changing times.


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Featured Articles

Magazine Article

Change the Conversation for More Meaningful Socialization

February 18, 2021

It happens to everyone, whatever your age: You’ve covered family, work, and the weather, and the conversation stalls. What do you say next? That’s where CircleTalk™ comes in: training and curriculum designed to create meaningful and authentic social interactions—a chance for “older adults to connect with each other and feel accepted and valued by others.”…

Magazine Article

When It Comes to Change, No One Is Immune to the Effects

January 28, 2021

Around the new year, many people set resolutions to end or start new habits. But can we really change who we are—our personality? William Chopik’s research says yes. Not only does your personality change, but the way you feel about aging—and the way others around you regard age—changes. Chopik is a social-personality psychologist with multiple…

Magazine Article

Families in All Shapes, Sizes, and Ages Need Clear, Caring Communication

January 28, 2021

Jennifer L. FitzPatrick, LCSW-C, CSP, is the author of “Cruising Through Caregiving: Reducing The Stress of Caring For Your Loved One,” a speaker on senior living issues, and an instructor with Johns Hopkins University’s Certificate on Aging program. Her firm, Jenerations Health Education, Inc., provides continuing education to health care workers in all areas and…

Magazine Article

Solid Tips on Time Management For These Rapidly Changing Times

January 28, 2021

Elizabeth Grace Saunders is the founder and CEO of Real Life E®, “a time management coaching company that empowers individuals who feel guilty, overwhelmed, and frustrated to feel peaceful, confident, and accomplished.” It offers group and one-on-one time management consulting. A frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and television networks, she has published…

Magazine Article

Managing Remote Work and Workers Demands New Skills, New Techniques

January 28, 2021

Senior living communities are a “high-touch” environment. Care just can’t be done from a safe remove. But among those who support the industry, from the software developers to accountants to scientists to digital sales experts, and more—those who can work remotely are being encouraged to do so. And this sets up an entirely different set…

Magazine Article

A Change of Focus: Alleviating Loneliness Becomes a Major Concern

January 28, 2021

Everyone knew it was a problem that could get bigger. Reports and education covered it, many discussed it, and nearly everyone in senior living made it part of their mission to address it. But when the pandemic hit, another epidemic was revealed: Loneliness and social isolation. It affects health—reports put it at more dangerous than…

Magazine Article

AI Solutions Are Transforming Every Aspect of Senior Living

January 28, 2021

As artificial intelligence solutions grow both more sophisticated and prominent, they increasingly are not only taking root in people’s daily lives but growing in influence in how industries operate. Senior living is no exception. In fact, AI is taking on a more impactful part in an array of roles for senior living operations—from staffing and…

Magazine Article

Making Change a Positive

January 28, 2021

At the beginning of 2020, Merrill Gardens was excited and hard at work on a new opportunity: Its new brand for a moderate-priced model. “And then COVID hit,” writes Merrill Gardens president Tana Gall, in an email interview. “Like a lot of operators, at Merrill we went into all-hands-on-deck mode to support our communities as…

Magazine Article

Advancement Against Alzheimer’s Depends on Support for Researchers

December 21, 2020

Older Black Americans are more than twice as likely as whites to have Alzheimer’s or other dementias, according to the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2020 report. It points to issues including missed diagnoses, lack of data, and contributions of social determinants of health as affecting the ability to correct these disparities. But another way to correct them…

Magazine Article

The Essential Caregiver Program: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

December 21, 2020

The Essential Caregiver (EC) program is a simple concept: Allow a single person, a family member or loved one, to have a controlled visit and help someone in senior living, even during times of restricted visitation, in order to counter the often severely detrimental health effects of loneliness and social isolation. But the implementation of…

2021 Editorial Calendar

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January/February: The Change Issue
How to anticipate it, manage it, learn from it, and learn to like it.
Materials deadline: 
January 6, 2021

March/April: The Safety Issue
New solutions and best practices to continue your quality improvement mission.
Materials deadline: 
February 11, 2021

May/June: The Advocate Issue
What you need to change the world: Advocating for one person, changing public opinion, initiating grassroots support for policy, and more.
Materials deadline: April 2, 2021

July/August: The Workforce Issue
Focus on teamwork: How to cultivate teams, engage them, and lead them .
Materials deadline: June 17, 2021

September/October: The Engagement Issue
Ideas to help you boost the critical factor affecting every aspect of senior living: workforce, sales, quality, and more.
Materials deadline: July 19, 2021

November/December: The Inspiration Issue
Ideas and stories to inspire you—plus how to find inspiration around you, every day.
Materials deadline: October 22, 2021

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