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The Leadership Issue: Sharing insight into career development through best practices, experience, and innovation.

In this issue, you’ll find stories about leaders in our industry who have risen through the ranks and chosen senior living as a lifetime career.  They will talk about their start in the industry—some as high school students or front-line staff, discuss the many career paths senior living offers, and provide advice for future industry leaders.  You’ll also meet 17 emerging visionaries who were nominated and selected for our first Senior Living Leaders Under 40 recognition program, as well as be introduced to five innovative programs and best practices recognized as 2017 Argentum Best of the Best winners.

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Introducing Argentum’s Senior Living Leaders Under 40

May 8, 2017

This year, Argentum launched the first Senior Living Leaders Under 40 recognition program. Responses poured in from all segments of the industry, describing the achievements of everyone from seasoned executives driving company growth to a college student who founded a nonprofit to involve youth in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Each nomination was filled with…

Magazine Article

Argentum Announces 2017 Best of the Best Award Winners

May 8, 2017

Unique calming therapies, resident involvement in product innovation, and a desire to inspire younger generations are the hallmarks of this year’s Argentum Best of the Best Award winners. These five forward-thinking companies are using progressive and innovative methods to enhance senior living in their communities and beyond. Entrepreneurs are invited to live with Brookdale residents…

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Making Senior Living the Career of a Lifetime

May 8, 2017

Great leaders often have humble beginnings. Many start their careers in front-line positions, but through hard work and passion for the mission, they rise through the ranks of senior living—an industry rich with plentiful opportunities for advancement. Along the way, they learn some important lessons too. Take, for example, Lisa Fordyce. She is currently chief…

Magazine Article

Five Ways to Put a Mission Statement to Work

February 24, 2017

Are You on a Mission?  Caring for older adults certainly fits the definition of a mission—an important goal or purpose that involves a strong conviction, calling or vocation. That’s why a mission statement that clearly defines an organization’s goals can be so crucial to a community’s culture and success. The mission statement is often the…

Magazine Article

Implementing The Ritz-Carlton’s Gold Standard of Service Across Senior Living

February 24, 2017

Discovering how to provide the perfect customer service experience can start with a desire to move mountains, asking a simple question or recognizing that the only way to understand what someone needs is to ask. These senior living executives have done just that. Kensington Senior Living’s vice president Tanya Walker Wirth’s enthusiasm for providing the…

Magazine Article

Cultural Exchange

February 23, 2017

It’s often been said that “If you’ve seen one senior living community, you’ve seen one senior living community.” The uniqueness of the industry is its hallmark, and that’s true of company culture as well. Whether it’s a community outreach program that connects residents and staff with organizations and individuals in need, an employee recognition program…

2017 Senior Living Executive Editorial Calendar

Issue 1: The Culture Issue

An overview of successful community programs (i.e. resident, staff, and community outreach) and challenges met, as well as insight from executive directors for future community leaders.

Issue 2: The Leadership Issue

A look at professional development plans and training opportunities with a focus on credentialing. The 2017 Senior Living Leaders Under 40 List will highlight emerging leaders in the industry.  Issue will also highlight 2017 award winners.

Issue 3: The Resident Issue

A focus on the “heart of senior living” including today’s resident lifestyle, family engagement, and the science of aging. Senior Living Executive Conference recap and takeaways.

Issue 4: The Workforce Issue

A review of industry turnover and retention metrics and a look at successful staff engagement and recognition programs.  The 2017 Top Places to Work in Senior Living list will highlight top companies for the industry workforce.

Issue 5: The Finance Issue

A look at how consumers are paying for senior living and long term care, as well as information on and instruments to combat financial abuse and scams targeting seniors. The 2017 Largest Providers List will highlight the biggest players in the senior living industry.

Issue 6: The Innovation Issue

A feature of emerging ideas and innovations in arts programming, technology, and memory care, as well as a highlight on the 2017 Senior Living by Design Award winners.

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