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The Dining Issue

Next-Level Personalization to Suit Every Taste

Flexibility is the keyword for senior living dining: Residents want new options in menus and mealtimes alike. Chefsdieticians, and even tech experts give inside tips on how to achieve top marks at every meal: Customizing menus, using health-happy spices, fun and safe outdoor dining, reducing food waste, hiring and training, and more. Plus: Update on Argentum’s advocacy for senior living in COVID-19 relief bills.  


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2020 Editorial Calendar

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January/February: The Community Operations Issue
Resident safety: What you need to know and do; creating a resilient landscape; choosing communications technologies.
Space deadline: January 10, 2020
Materials deadline: 
January 18, 2020
Highlight: Excerpts from 2020 Forecast Report

March/April: The Dining & Nutrition Issue
Wrap-up of trends, advances, and new ideas in menus, design, cost-efficiency, and quality; dining workforce challenges and solutions.
Space deadline: March 5, 2020
Materials deadline: 
March 12, 2020
2020 Senior Living Executive Conference Preview Content

May/June: The Future Issue
Reports, forecasts, tips, and thought leadership from business, care, policy, and economics leaders on scenarios and opportunities ahead in the senior living industry; how workforce, financing models, infrastructure, and resident needs may change and how to prepare.
Space deadline: April 24, 2020
Materials deadline: April 30, 2020

July/August: The Workforce Issue
Designing a successful apprenticeship program; getting the best out of academic connections; updates from industry ambassadors and the Senior Living Works initiative.
Space deadline: June 16, 2020
Materials deadline: June 23, 2020

September/October: The Finance & Investment Issue
A review of the private equity effect on the industry; keeping transitions from being a value-leak.
Space deadline: August 17, 2020
Materials deadline: August 24, 2020
Highlight: Distribution at National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) Fall Conference

November/December: The Quality Issue
The state of memory care–residences, science, workforce, design; update on standards program successes and what’s next.
Space deadline: November 18, 2020
Materials deadline: November 25, 2020
Highlight: 2020 Senior Living by Design Awards

Access the Digital Largest Providers List

The 2019 list of largest providers grew from 125 providers in 2018 to 140 providers in 2019, representing a total of 624,795 senior living units.

Featured Articles

Magazine Article

Make Every Bite Matter: Tips to Cut Waste

April 9, 2020

Reducing food waste is serious for executive directors and dining managers—more than half in our Forecast Report survey named it their top concern. Lower waste is a marker of resident satisfaction, operational excellence, and reaching sustainability goals. To help in the ongoing quest, experts Dana Fillmore, RD, healthcare customer marketing manager at Gordon Food Service…

Magazine Article

Landscaping Can Grow Engagement While It’s Shrinking Expenses

February 18, 2020

Just like many other community operations, landscaping today has to do more with the same resources. While it’s important to offer curb appeal that makes every resident and visitor feel at home and welcomed, landscaping needs to work within a community’s budget—that’s both for establishment and maintenance, today and for the long term. On top…

Magazine Article

Measuring Energy Use Nets Benefits, Even When It’s Not Mandatory

February 18, 2020

More dots on the map have appeared since this publication last looked at mandatory building energy benchmarking policies, in 2018. Some have moved beyond benchmarking to requiring performance targets. But as much as the word “mandatory” may make you gulp, energy and water benchmarking itself is relatively easy. “It helps you answer the questions, how…

Magazine Article

Keep an Essential Product Clean: Take Good Care of Your Ice Machine

February 18, 2020

It can be surprising to think that ice can “go bad.” After all, ice is often used to keep other foods and drinks safe. “The reality is that dirty ice machines were citied 20 percent of the time on health inspections in 2019,” says Ecolab’s Mandy Sedlak, principal regulatory specialist and food safety and public…

Magazine Article

Old Flip Phone or New Smart Speaker? It’s About Usability and Choice

February 18, 2020

Laurie M. Orlov heard it coming—voice and other smart tech was going to change aging. The founder of Aging in Place Technology Watch shares wisdom earned in years as a technology industry analyst consulted by large organizations and entrepreneurs, and by the Wall Street Journal and Business Week. More of her takes on what’s ahead…

Magazine Article

Elder Fraud Research: Tracking People Vulnerable to Email Scams

February 18, 2020

News stories are coming up more and more often about older adults falling victim to financial scams, sometimes losing even hundreds of thousands to mythical promises on the other end on an email. What’s more, loved ones say, these are often people who earlier in life were cautious, careful, and nobody’s fool. Is the problem…

Magazine Article

Residents’ Wealth of Experience Enriches Community Operations

February 18, 2020

Alice Willard has an impressive resume: highlights include nursing at hospitals including Massachusetts General, being a clinical research nurse for an NIH-funded center, and running her own business on the side as a florist. At her latest job, she’s managed to save management a good bit of money by using her wholesale connections to get…

Magazine Article

Tech That Works Together

February 18, 2020

Connecting through communication is an essential part of wellness. Providers are looking to new technologies to make it easier—and discovering new challenges. For senior living community providers, the “community” part of their promise can’t become reality without communication. That means easy, extensive, and effective ways to communicate among residents, residents and their families, and residents…

Magazine Article

Data Reveals a New Picture of the Emerging Senior Market

December 20, 2019

For Colleen Scholer, data has flavor. Large-scale quantities of research, segments and sub-segments, analysis—she approaches these with curiosity and an investigative spirit, discovering interesting mixes and zaps of insight. She’s vice president of brand insight and strategy at Ageist media company, “dedicated to championing the vitality, influence, and contributions of the modern 50-plus demographic, and…

Magazine Article

Expert Shares Best Practices To Protect Your Online Reputation

December 20, 2019

Digital strategist and technologist Chris Abraham knows what makes a reputation resilient—how it can prepare against hurricanes of rumor and come back strong from social media flames. With his company, Gerris Corp., he has used social and mainstream media engagement to help boost brands and raise reputations in a wide range of industries including financial…

Magazine Article

Writer Becomes a Catalyst for Multicultural Alzheimer’s Awareness

December 20, 2019

Writer Marita Golden didn’t set out to become a champion of Alzheimer’s disease awareness. She was simply researching what would become her 17th published work, the novel “The Wide Circumference of Love.” But she came across the statistic that African Americans are twice as likely to get Alzheimer’s. “It blew me away,” she would later…

Magazine Article

Meeting People Where They Are

December 20, 2019

What’s the top social media platform for people 65 and older? If you said Facebook, you’re correct, according to the Pew Research Center’s latest fact sheet. But the second most popular is YouTube. Surprised? And the adult daughter of the prospective resident you’ve been talking to is very likely to be on Facebook every day,…

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