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Essential Services Help Workers Find a Foothold on Their Own Life Paths

In 2020, Argentum received a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to develop the Healthcare Apprenticeship Expansion Program (HAEP), creating apprenticeships in senior living and related allied health occupations. Part of this involved ensuring apprentices had services that would help them succeed as they trained and established themselves in their new career paths. Administering…

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Solid Tips on Time Management For These Rapidly Changing Times

Elizabeth Grace Saunders is the founder and CEO of Real Life E®, “a time management coaching company that empowers individuals who feel guilty, overwhelmed, and frustrated to feel peaceful, confident, and accomplished.” It offers group and one-on-one time management consulting. A frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and television networks, she has published…

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Managing Remote Work and Workers Demands New Skills, New Techniques

Senior living communities are a “high-touch” environment. Care just can’t be done from a safe remove. But among those who support the industry, from the software developers to accountants to scientists to digital sales experts, and more—those who can work remotely are being encouraged to do so. And this sets up an entirely different set…

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Healthcare Apprenticeship Expansion Program on Track to Reach Enrollment Goal

(Alexandria, Va.) – Argentum announces that its partners in the Healthcare Apprenticeship Expansion Program (HAEP) have enrolled 785 apprentices and that the program is on track to reach its goal of enrolling more than 1,200 apprentices by spring 2021.   The HAEP program, designed to develop apprenticeships in senior living and related allied health occupations, was…

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HAEP: Creating a Win-Win Strategy For Senior Living Apprenticeship

Bringing more than 7,000 apprentices into key occupations in senior living is an ambitious goal—and, with the right partners and program design, an achievable one. With the help of a nearly $6 million, four-year grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, awarded following a national competitive process, Argentum has launched the Healthcare Apprenticeship Expansion Program…

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Our Workers Are Stressed. How Can We Help Them?

Over the past 14 years, William Mills, MD, now the senior vice president of medical affairs at BrightSpring Health Services, has been on more than 20,000 senior living visits. During that time, he has observed communities contending with a variety of severe circumstances affecting residents and staff. But he’s never witnessed one like the COVID-19…

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Navigating New Distances

Masks and gowns. “Cover, clean, and distance.” Virtual job fairs. “Heroes Work Here” signs. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought enormous changes to senior living workplaces and workers. Managing the ongoing crisis now and into the future will require providers to rethink their approaches to recruitment and retention. “This as an unprecedented time in both the…

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Career Pathways Help Lead Culinary to Four-Star Engagement

How do you reduce a six-month turnover rate by 8.6 percent? Follow the stars. That was one of the answers for Trilogy Health Services, which is seeing dining services turnover drop. In its Southeast division alone, for instance, it went from 47 percent to 23 percent. More important, the numbers reflect a stronger level of…

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