Argentum and its members are committed to developing professional and ethical standards. The development of these standards is a key step toward promoting rigorous, professional self-regulation, and demonstrates the senior living industry’s commitment to quality service for consumers and state regulators.

Senior living providers began attesting to Argentum’s Phase 1 Standards in February 2016. The standards address key imperatives and are designed to complement state laws and regulations governing the operations of senior living communities. The standards will also soon include collection of key quality indicators to benchmark and track a community’s quality improvement.



Argentum member and non-member senior living communities may attest. Argentum also welcomes all industry members that conform to the standards to display the Argentum Quality in Senior Living Certificate. Attestation is open for submissions year-round.

Complete Attestation Form


Phase 1 Standards

To attest and receive recognition of your compliance, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download and review Argentum Phase 1 Standards​.
  2. If multiple communities will be attesting from one company, please utilize the Bulk Community Attestation Excel Template to keep track of all companies in compliance. This form later will be sent to Argentum during the submission form process.
  3. Share the list of communities that are in compliance with your CEO. Once your company CEO has reviewed the list of communities that are planning to attest, he/she should sign the CEO Attestation Approval Form and give it to the company representative who will be completing the attestation submission form.
  4. Once a company representative has both the list of communities that will be attesting and the CEO Attestation Approval Form, he/she should complete the Argentum Phase 1 Standards for High Quality Senior Living: 2016 Attestation Form. The online form will ask you to confirm the name and location of each community that is in compliance with 100% of the standards.

After review, Argentum will issue certificates to company headquarters. The certificates will be designed to be displayed by compliant communities and used in their marketing materials.

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