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Senior Living Executive

Reducing the Learning Curve for New Employees

It’s hard to overstate the value of a solid onboarding process. Industry watchers say the high turnover rate in senior living tracks directly back to the hiring process, especially those

What Defines a Senior Living Hero?

Presenting the 2018 Argentum Hero and Senior Living Community Leadership Award Winners The annual Argentum Hero Awards and Senior Living Community Leadership Award recognize individuals who are ideal representatives of

Recognizing the Industry’s Best of the Best

Keeping residents and staff fully engaged can be an ongoing challenge in any senior living community. The best providers create initiatives to foster this key component of individual and community

2017 Largest Providers

The senior living industry has continued to evolve and expand since Senior Living Executive began publishing the annual largest providers list two decades ago. In that time, companies have been

Finding a Silver Lining

When Kimberly Williams-Paisley was falling in love, her mother was beginning to fall apart. The signs were small at first—forgetfulness and confusion—“yet in retrospect, things are clearer,” says Williams-Paisley, the

Five Ways to Put a Mission Statement to Work

Are You on a Mission?  Caring for older adults certainly fits the definition of a mission—an important goal or purpose that involves a strong conviction, calling or vocation. That’s why

Cultural Exchange

It’s often been said that “If you’ve seen one senior living community, you’ve seen one senior living community.” The uniqueness of the industry is its hallmark, and that’s true of

7 Innovations Changing the Aging Experience

Entrepreneurs around the world are waking up to the emerging market of innovations designed to enhance and enrich the lives of seniors, although these innovations can benefit many people of all

Building Design Knocks Down Walls in Senior Living

Simple designs, natural light and clear views of the majestic outdoors dominated this year’s Senior Living by Design winners. Communities increasingly are looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside

Top of Mind: The Fallacy of Intuition

I learned a tough lesson about making good decisions early in my career. I was an intense 25-year-old, one year on the job with my organization, and being tested by my boss, my peers, and the people who worked for me. The tough decisions aren’t called “to